September 3, 2006

Holiday Weekend

Hi, everybody. Hope you are doing okay this weekend. It is raining here. Lots of nappies!

Mama had a good and bad day yesterday. She broked her glasses, so she called a friend and they went to the mall to the glasses place. The beans there said they couldn't fix them. It was the ear thingy. So they shrink wrapped the broken earpiece on with plastic. She tried a bunch of glasses on while she waited. And wished she could just buy a pair, but she can't. And the glasses look kinda dumb, now, but what can she do? She has a number of a place that may be able to help her, and she will call on Tuesday. I guess that is bad and good.

The other thing they did was get a free makeover, just for fun. Mama's face sure smelled funny when she came home! Good for her, but yucky for me, until she washed it all off! Yucky smells!

Oh, and the pictures. I think they are coming. I've had just about enough flashies! She says they are too small to see if she got anything good, but she keeps trying. She said she is a little afraid to put them on the computer, and that is next, and then getting them on blogger.

Our puter is old, so she has to hook stuff up on the back of the hard drive, instead of the front which is easier. We hope to succeed!

Hope you all are having fun with your beans this weekend!

More later.



Patches & Mittens said...

We are so looking forward to those pictures!!

The Cats of the Big Piney Woods

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

does ya haf a good pic-shure editin purrogram? ya can download irfanview fur free an it's furry good - that's what we did. we looked up irfanview on google an it popped right up an it was furry easy.