August 27, 2007

Checking in

Sorry I haven't been here for a couple of days. Mama has been busy sorting stuff out and getting ready for our furniture. Every day she moves stuff around and I have to find new places to put my stinky on. And she threw out a bunch of boxes, too. And the bookcases are almost done (a major operation with us). And sometimes I hide in the bathroom when she does this, but that is where she put my litter box and my food and water, and she has a thick towel on the floor by the shower and it is just right for laying on, so it's not so bad. Those tile floors can be cold!

She put some stinky candles out, and some poe-purry stuff, so it smells nice in here. She had them where we used to live, so it smells homey, now. And my sweetie helped her get some cleaning supplies, so we now have a much cleaner (and not so dusty) floor, and some bathroom cleaning stuff.

Tomorrow she goes to pick out some furniture.

We are busy!

And, oh yes, mama found some of my pet information from my vet, and do you know I am older than we thought? Hmmmpphh. Maybe I should get more Temptations! I deserve them!

I hope my sweetie won't care that I am a little older than we thought...

Take care, everyone (and yes, the rain came back!),


Henry Helton said...

How much older are you? My Lady says that my birthday is on March 15th, but really she doesn't know. This is just a guess. (P.S. All of her cats have the same birthday - I think this is weird).

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aw honey, I don't even think about your age. I just think of your pretty pretty eyes and your soft silver furs and your sweet heart. All in a gentlemanly cat way of course. *blush*
I'm so glad you're settling in to your new place and it feels like home. When I take a nap, I try to picture you and me laying on the box by the window watching the world go by....