August 21, 2007


That's right. We got a letter about being evicted. Don't panic. Half the people in the Minneapolis public housing did too. Computer glitch, anyone?

That was the scary thing today. But mama wented to the office and they said we were okay.

Oh, the other scary thing was a knock on our door this afternoon. They FINALLY turned the gas on in the stove. Now mama can boil water, she said. I think that's silly, but it makes her happy. She is still putting books away and dishes and stuff, and Thursday she goes to the doctor again.

And oh, yes. Another gloomy day. I found space on one of the end tables (it has three levels) to sit, but mama isn't very happy about it. She said something about it being an antique, and her gramma and granpa would be very upset with me if they knew I was sitting on their table. But they are over the rainbow bridge, so it's only mama who is upset.

But she said she understood that I need new places to be when I want to be alone, so she didn't yell at me. And she gave me part of her lunch, too.

That's the news from here. Except, mama tried to take a picture of me today, and the camera wouldn't work. Wonder if it just needs new batteries? And something is wrong with the shower head in the shower. It won't stay on the wall. Hmm. Got a little wet in the bathroom this morning, and hey, it's my bathroom, too!

Love, hugs, and a special smooch for that dashing reporter, Mr. Hendrix,


Mungo N Teazer said...

No skeerin us!!!! We hopes yur Momma gotted a letter or sumpin in writin frum da Public Aid beenz sayin fur shure dat youse all right an woan get evicted. Cause now we wurried dat sum udder been will decide dat your on a list an you gotta go, efun wif a pooterbug.

Henry Helton said...

Holy Moly, My Lady would have had a heart attack. Glad it turned out to be just an accident.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Yeah, make dem put it in riting! Puter glitches happen but still...furry skaree...

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

My oh my your mommy took the news well. It would have sent my mommy over the bend!

Anonymous said...

we're glad you're getting all settled in, but we're sorry to hear about the eviction notice mistake. that must have been scary. our Lady would have been in a big time panic!

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

We're with the rest. If you can get something in writing saying it was a computer glitch, it would be best. Even an email might help if someone starts going down the list bouncing people.

Your mama could put a towel or cushion on that end table to protect it from kittie wear and tear.