August 19, 2007

Sunday News

Mama got brave and plugged the monitor in. The colors are really dark, and she can't do anything to change that. She thinks she better make a call to a nephew who knows how to fix stuff like that. Or just put up with the weird colors.

Mama changed everything this weekend. She put up some of the bookcases, found some more dishes, shifted a lot of stuff around, so I get to learn all the hidey holes all over again. She still has lots of books to put away, and lots of dishes and stuff to take care of. Whew. Working hard!

Not ready for company, but she will do more tomorrow. Several boxes are taken care of, anyway, and one of her friends came over today (I hid) and helped her move some of the stuff around, so that the book boxes are all ready to be taken care of, and kitchen boxes are all in one place. The movers just piled stuff and it was really hard for Mama to move around much less unpack much. So now it's easier for her.

We need to do more work tomorrow. It has been a rainy weekend, and tomorrow I think it will rain again, so Mama has to stay home and not go to her picnic!

More stuff tomorrow,
love, and smooches for my Sugar Pie,


Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Moving is a lot of work!

Henry Helton said...

It sounds like your momma has been real busy this weekend. It is hard moving. I've never moved, but I will be next summer. It will be exciting to find new places to hide!