August 2, 2007

A Thursday Update

Well, about a third of the living room and a third of the kitchen stuff left today. Whew! More goes on Saturday. That will give the real movers (whom ever that will be) a lot less to deal with. They will do the heavy stuff like the freezer and stuff.

Mama said there is an older gentleman who had to give his kitty away to a good home cause he couldn't take care of it any more in our new building. That is soo sad. But he made sure the kitty went to a very good home. He loved his kitty very much.

Other than that, mama is tired from all the stuff she did today with her friend. But she feels good about getting some of the stuff over there. Most of our frozen stuff went, and most of mama's fo0d.

Tomorrow she has to make a bunch of phone calls and pack more stuff.

That's what is happening.

love and hugs for all, and a sweet smooch for that dashing reporter!

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