August 23, 2007

In the Middle of a Cloud

There is nothing to look at this morning. We are in Foggy Middle! Fog, fog, fog, phooey!
Mama said think of it this way: We are living in a cloud.

But I don't want to live in a cloud, I want to live with sunbeams!

Mama heard that beans living in one of the other buildings have started to get apology letters. If we get ours, we will let you know.

More later, maybe.

love, and bunches of smooches for my sweetie,
p.s. Well, mama said it rained just as she was getting off the bus this morning, and rained until she made it home. Our furniture will be here by the middle of next week, so mama will have a real bed (instead of an air mattress) and we will have a little couch. Yeah!

She still has more boxes to unpack....

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