August 14, 2007

Hello Again!

It's a pain having to go somewhere to blog and read the blogs. This place isn't open on the weekends, either. So mama is all moved in, and we have boxes and boxes and it is a real jungle in our place. Not much is unpacked, either. The footstool is back, but my blankie for it is still packed, so mama put another one on it. Yesterday she had to go to pick up some more meds, and she got invited to a friend's house for lunch, then she went to the community center. They had a nice Women's Group meeting that was real relaxing for her. They played soft music, had candles, and rubbed nice smelling lotion on their hands and wrote cards with nice things on them to take home and put somewhere to read when they need nice words. Then mama camed home. She said it was really hot out, but she left the air on for me, so I kinda like hanging out, now. Sugar Pie can come over any time to snuggle ::blush::

I am getting used to the noisy fridge, but still have to do guard duty with the sounds in the hall and the people walking by. Mama gotted her can opener. And let's see. Our monitor is not in good shape, but it wasn't the movers who damaged it, it was one of mama's friends. We still don't have a lot of dishes out for mama to use, but I really like my new litter box. Oh, and the Schwan man found us. Now we have chickens to eat! I really like their chickens! I missed their chickens.

Oh, well, enough for now. Mama didn't share breakfast with me, but that's okay. It was yucky cereal....

Hope to get back here tomorrow,
love, and sweet kisses for my Sugar Pie,


Edsel/The Pooch said...

glad you're in, you'll get settled, it just takes time

Henry Helton said...

That would not be fun to have to go somewhere to blog. I am glad that the Schwan man found you! What would you have done?!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Ooooh - we luvs da Schwan Man! He brings us ice cream!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi sweetie! I'll telyport over today! mmmmm chickens....that sounds wonderful. I think your mommy's women's group sounds very nice. i hope she gets to do that often, we all need people to support us.

I'm sure you are a great guard kitty! You''re so brave. I tagged you for a middle name MeMe, but take your time.

Did you get an envelope yet???

Anonymous said...

"Wow" sounds like you and your mom are very busy.Hope things get more relax for you :)

Hot(M)BC said...

Yay, we's glad yoo made it to yore new home ok!!!
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Gree and Pepi