August 1, 2007

Hello, there

Mama has been putting some stuff in boxes and crates. We still don't have the movers arranged, but we have to start doing something, I guess.

I am a little leary of this moving thing. What if she forgets me? What if I don't like it there?What if I really miss the carpeting, and my special foodie place and stuff? What if I can't find "my spot"?

I think I feel like Buddah did when they moved the first time. I have been here ever since I was one year old! I don't know any other place!

Some things to think about.

A purple heart? Hmmm. *blush*

love, and smoochies for my Sugar Pie and his blue heart,


Derby said...

Hope everyone you know is OK with the bridge thingy!

Boy said...

Yep! The M-word is indeed howwible.
I did it onwy once so far and that is definitewy enough!

Jane said...

Don't fret little Brandi, your Mum won't forget you. You will get a new special foodie place, new sleeping places and great views!