October 25, 2006

And the news for Wednesday

It wasn't too bad. That's what mama said when she got home. She had to take 3 tests, and didn't do really bad at all. She knows she has at least one error on the last one, and even told the ladybean about it. Hope that was good. If they contact her next Monday for a second interview, she knows she will have the job. It was more accounting and data entry than what she is used to, but she said that is how she started out a long time ago.

Mama stopped for pumpkin spice latte, and at Target to pick up some stuff. Mostly paper stuff, like paper plates and paper towels. Not a whole lot. Then she camed home and we snuggled for a while. I went into the bedroom and curled up and when mama camed in I didn't even wake up. She sat down at the computer to do her jobbie searchs, and I had a bad dream. I don't even remember it now, but I know I woked up and I was hissing! Mama told me it was okay, and talked to me in that soft voice she uses sometimes, and I was okay. Whew! Thanks for being here, mama!

That's how our day was. Or hers, anyway. I just played with my octopus and nappied this afternoon. The sun was out, and I even talked to Mr. Squirrel and Chitterer. They are sure busy this time of year!

Wonder what my bad dream was. Oh, well. It wasn't real!

Lots of love, purrs and scritchies and headbumpies, efurry one!



kattonic said...

Oh Brandi, I'm sorry yoo haded a bad dream. I do that sumtimes too. I wake up crying fur my momma and then I can't rememfur the dream eefur.I's just glad it wuzent reel.
I hope those job beans calls ur momma, I would like yoo to haf hamm pizza.

KC said...

o, Brandi, it sounds like this could be a jobbie. i'll keep mine paws crossed fur you's both, 'n u's in my purrrayers always, efurrynight.

if they's smart enuf ta hire ur mommie, they will be gettin a good employee.

hopes u don't haf any more bad dreams, theys can seem so reel.

Patches & Mittens said...

Our paws are crossed for good luck with the jobbie.

The Big Piney Woods Cats

DEBRA said...


That wuz furry gud that your Momma felt 'bout the tests she hadda to take.

Sorry to hear 'bout yur bad dream but yur Momma wuz there to ease yur mind. So that was a gud fink.

Now go and have a sweet dream of yur Mommas!


Junior said...

Sounds like your Mama did good on her job interview! Hopefully those beans will realize they have a good person and hire her!

I don't like bad dreams! I am glad your Mama was there for you when you had it!