October 11, 2006

The Interview

Does this title seem familiar? Mama goes on a lot of these. But today, yes, she had her interview. The temperature dropped A LOT, so she had to dig her winter coat out! After she gotted her interview she walked several blocks in the cold and stopped for (what else) a pumpkin spice latte, then ran a couple of errands. As she left the drugstore (pantihose and hair coloring, two necessities around mama) she crossed the street and gotted right on a bus. There was some flurries (that's tiny snowflakes), but they didn't even make the ground white. So she gotted home and is all safe and warm here. Yeah!

So I nappied today and I played with my octopus and I haven't even sat on mama yet today! Oh, wait. Yes I did! She petted me. I remember!

Silly me.

Mama is here tomorrow all day! Yeah! She'll find out about this jobbie by next week.

Purrs and headbumpies to all.


1 comment:

William said...

We hope we hope we hope! You two stay all warm and cuddly!