October 17, 2006

Another dreary day...

Cloudy and gloomy today. Lots of nappies. Did see Mr. Squirrel today. He wasn't real chipper either. Spossed to rain tomorrow. Gloom, gloom.

Mama applied for a couple more jobbies today. No news from any jobbies. She's feeling better, but still has her cold. Not as annoying as before. To me.




Sir Sidney and Emperor Nero said...

More sun here. We want a cold snuggly day too.

DEBRA said...


The sky is wet today here. Nice sleepie time fur us.

We hopes yur Momma is better.
Take gud care of her.


Junior said...

Meowm says she is sorry no jobbies have come up for your Mom. that is terrible and she says that we willsay stronger prayers for a jobbie.

Snuggle your Mama and give her head butts!