October 15, 2006

I'm Baaack!

My mama still has a cold, but she is doing a lot better, so she is letting me post today. Yeah!! I missed efurry one! It's warmer today, too, in the upper 50's, so the sun in the window feels nice. Mama has had chickie soup and split pea with hammm soup, and she shared.

I have been doing my nice nursie duties, and I guess it's been helping. She did stop doing a lot of loud sneezies. She applied for several jobbies today, and is drinking something warm for her throat that hurties.

So, I am going to be working on the blog with her today to update some of the linkies, and catch up with the news. If I find something interesting, I will add it to here.

Purrs and headbumpies to all,

P.S. Happy All Cat's Day!!!


nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

YAY, you are back. we has missed you, and worried 'bout you bofe! so sorry that mama has had a achey-fevery-snuffling-sneezing ol' cold. we are glad you did such a good job of being nursey and that she is better now. you MUST skip ofur to skeezy's costume contest to see all the nifty dressed up kitties. some are furry beautiful, and some (like nitro) are just a hoot!

nels, ed, nitro, & xingxing

Anonymous said...

Happy All Cat's Day to you Brandi.Glad your mom's feeling better.You must be a very good nurse.

KC said...

o, Brandi, u must be such a good nurse, glad ta hear ur mommie's a bit better.

Yumm, split pea 'n hamm soup sounds good...uuuum. it's not cold heres, but still sounds good.

i's gotted mine paws crossed for lucks this week for ur's mommie to finds hers jobbie.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

one of our teenagers gots that sick thing goin on too. no fun. get better Nice Lady Brandi's Momma!

Sir Sidney and Emperor Nero said...

We are so glad that your mum is doing better.

THE ZOO said...


Da Katz & Reni said...

Yay!! Happy All Catz Day...

Weze glad ur mommie purrson is feelin bettur. you sweet ta wook aftur her. tank u for dat.

You knowz what? Ize livez in a mostly black kitty household too.

My Red Tiggur brudder waz 17. He went ofurr da bridgie 2 weeks ago. Now weze gotz Mommie, Boo Bear, Baby, Mousie and me.

Furrst dehrz Mommie. Her name iz Reni-Kat and she wehrz black alot. I dontz knoh how old she iz. I cant count dat high.

Boo Bearz iz dark brown black kitty & hez almohst 18. He got 4 toofies pulled cuz dey waz hurtin'. Now hez eatin alot & not bein a skinny boy no more.

Baby iz 14 I tinks & hez long haired gray siameze who talks alot and wants ta kiss me. YUCK!! I stay awayz frum him cuz I dont wike kisses frum boyz.

Den Mousie she twelve & black tuxedo kitty like me, but she only gotz white wittle triangl under neckie.

Den Ize gonna be 3 in January. And Ize da purrtiest & funniest kitty in da housie cuz Ize cute & wikes rohzes.

Bye bye til latur.
Katie Kitty II

Junior said...

I'm glad your Mom is feeling a bit better! And you are a good kitty for taking care of her!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Oh darn! We missed All Cats Day 'cause Mom hardly ever turns the computer on for us on the weekends.

Kitties make excellent nurses so with your help, your Mom will feel better in no time!