October 19, 2006


Not that sunny here today, and not that warm. Oh, well, lots of nappies. This afternoon somebody knocked on our door and asked if mama was the owner of a bike that was in the hall. She said no, and the teen that visits across the hall came out and it was his. He was told not to leave his bike in the hall. His dad came out and started screaming and using bad words. If I had been the teen I would have been furry embarrassed cause of my dad. Whew! Some example for your child! Mama does not have anything to do with this neighbor as she has been "verbally assaulted" by him.

Mama has to go to the WorkForce Center tomorrow afternoon for her rescheduled meeting about unemployment, and then she is going grocery shopping (thanks, Meowers from Missouri).

She applied at another bank (5th time there) today.

It's supposed to be sunny TOMORROW and then yucky this weekend. Oh, well, snuggle time!
I like the term livecatblanket that the Meowers use.

Love, purrs and headbumpies,


nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

you is welcome, dearies! we likes to eat and knows you must, too! bless g*d, the bonus was good.

daddy's not home yet; the hot water heat inna floor at his work broked, and they gotta smash up the concrete ofur the pipes, so mom's gotta go start a fire inna stove. it's 'posed ta be freezing soon, and maybe below, tonight.

there's a 'mergency prayer meeting for princess gracie tonight at 8:00 our time ofur at prayernpraise blog. she's haffin' surgery tomorrow. c ya there? if not, snuggle wif mama & purr a bit, eh?

nelson, ed, nitro, & xingxing

William said...

Gosh, Blogger was acting so dumb last night I had no idea my comment went through, never mind twice! I finally gave up.

Some people are just ignorant, aren't they? If they could only learn from us cats, the whole world would be much better!

Max said...

Brandi kitty you gotta email me so I can figure out how to get a hamm pizza to you! psychokitty@gmail.com I tried to shove one through the modem but it just made a big sticky mess. So I blamed it on Buddah.

Karen Jo said...

I'm still hoping very hard for your Mommy. Something good is sure to happen soon. I wish I could send you some of the sunshine we have been having here. It's cold, but sunny.

DEBRA said...


I is sorry that your Momma has such a bad bean living so close...I guess he is just not a furry happy bean purrson.

We hopes you have gud snoozin weathers and enjoys your nappies.


KC said...

o, Brandi, that nay-bor sounds skeery. i don't likes ta hears yelling. i's glad ur Mama doesn't haf anyfing ta do's wif hims.

we's still gots our paws crossed fur ur Mama, all three of us's, Missy, Bear 'n me. she really be lookin hard, prob'bly harder than workin.

kattonic said...

Brandi, I haven't seen you at Derby's party at all this weekend. Are you o.k.? Come on over, they just started the honoring ceremony!