October 4, 2006

Wednesday Update

No new jobbies for mama. *Kitty Sigh* No phone calls. Nothing. She didn't go to the clinic for her medicines. She is going tomorrow morning. Then she is going to go with a friend for coffee and they are going to get some groceries with this nifty grocery gift card sent by the Meowers from Missouri. Thank you, thank you!

Mama has to buy me more hamm. We didn't have any for lunch today, we had turkey samiches, instead. This grocery store is the onliest one in town that has my favorite kitty food, Alley Cat. Course it also has hamm and bean food.

Maybe I can get her to take pictures on her walk to the clinic tomorrow. There are still some flowers out and stuff.

She goes back to the clinic on Tuesday to talk to a nice bean about insurants, to get all that straightened out, cause it's still a mess.

Purrayers for all who need it, including Tilly, and Jasmine, and CalicoMom, and Oreo's Mom, and efurryone else. Go to the purrayer meeting tonight at Hot(m)bc if you can.

Love to you all,


Sir Sidney and Emperor Nero said...

Tell your Meowmmy that we are thinking of her and hoping that it all works out.

Edsel/The Pooch said...

wow. there are so many poodins and beans that need prayers. we send them out to everyone, all the time.

Da Katz & Reni said...


Weze purrayin dat ur mommie get nu jobbie.

My mommie she need jobbie too.

bye bye.

Catzee said...

Purrayers fur a job for your mama too. Purrrrrrrrs

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

oh, li'l sis, youse is welcome. we is glad to share! hope your mama can get something goin' with that insurants stuff. SO scary without it. He & She are hafin' to help pay for The Boy's recent cuttin-on, and they sez, jeezlouise, is there efur a difference between crappy insurants (theirs) and no insurants (his)! they prolly won't complain about theirs anymore. maybe.

yes, we would love to see pictures from autumn in the Cities. we still gots some flowers, and only a few treetops are red so far. lotsa falling yellow leaves, though. it cooled off last night and is sposed to stay that way for a few days, so they shut off the air conditioning (had a string of high 80s and 90), and we could lie in the windows and sniff wonderful smells! (except somebody went an' got a skunk mad about two blocks away, and it was pretty obvious for a while.)

we sends you & your mama snuggles & purrs & purrayers!

the meowers

Junior said...

No jobbie yet!? Meowma and I will have to crank up the prayers and cross our toes as well as our paws!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

no ham? oh, ya gotta haf ham! we finded a kind of Stinky Goodness we like almost as much as we like ham. it's anyfing made by Sheba, but most 'specially the Filet Mignon. our Lady only gets it fur us on speshul kay-shuns though cause it costs extra $$$ 'parently.