October 3, 2006

Can it be Tuesday?

Another warm sleepy day. Hmm. Might not be too many left this year! Mr. Squirrel and his lady and Chitterer came by today. And some birdies. The leaves are changing in the back yard. We are supposed to get some storms. And oh, yes, mama still hasn't found my octopus. But I don't think she looked too hard! I know its somewhere!

Mama didn't hear from any jobbies today, but she has to go back to the clinic tomorrow cause more medicine has come in. So she is going in the mid afternoon, just in case someone calls. She applied for another jobbie on Monster today. She said she applied there a couple of months ago, but never heard. Doesn't hurt to reapply, she said. And it's a different jobbie.

And the rent is paid, and we are waiting for more money to pay the utilities, and, well, we want to thank efurryone who has tried to help us. Even the encouragement helps. A lot. My nursie duties are a lot easier because of all of you.

Gentle headbumpies and purrs to all.




Anonymous said...

I love october.Especially the changing of the leaves.I will pray that your mom has luck with the jobbie.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

lotsa purrs still coming from us!

Patches & Mittens said...

Momma says thanks so much for the support while she was having her operashun. Now she just needs to get new glasses to correct her blurry visions.