October 23, 2006

Monday, and it's COLD out there....

The wind chill today was something else! My mama's interview was right by the Mississippi River and she said it felt even colder there. I stayed snuggled inside, and napping in a big grey ball of fur! Mr. Squirrel said it was very cold, too. Time for winter, he said. NOOOOOOOOO! Not yet!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama had to take three tests for the jobbie. The first two were very easy for her. The third was not good, she said. Uh-oh. She also said the ladybean in HR remembered her from last time. And mama remembered to ask important questions. They will make a decision next week. Paws crossed.

When mama camed home she did scritchies all over me. Ooh, did that feel goooood.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and purrayers for my mama's interview.

Love, purrs, and headbumpies,



Frisky said...

we is sending good job vibes your way. And stay warm

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

My winter coat is coming in. It is too cold too soon. And we never got Indian Summer! Thinking of you & your Mom.....-shaggy

DEBRA said...

Now that sounds cold! We finally got some cool weather, but it's s'ppose to bee back up near 80 by the end of da week.


It's brisk and clear as a bell today. Nice snoozin weather.


Junior said...

Meowm and I hope things went real well. We said purrayers last night for the beans to like your Mom and give her a job!

HarmonyPillows said...

You are so sweet Brandi. We are all wishin your mama good luck.
Keep warm!
Love paws and head-nudgies,
Harmony Kitties