May 17, 2006

And then it was Wednesday

Time has flown! Just like birdies, I guess. Mama got lots of purrs from me for Mother's Day, and I helped her with dinner.

Tuesday she wasn't feeling well, so I stayed close by (nursing duties). She went back to work today. And it is beautiful! Maybe the harness thingy will come out when she gets home. Oh, she said the Swan man is coming tonight. Maybe not.

And she said she will be late tomorrow night coming home. Way late. Yuck! She will say more later on about that to everybody. It is some sort of surprise for her.

If she knows it's a surprise, is it really a surprise?????

Good question to find a sunny spot and nappie on.


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We love surprises!! Hope its a good one. Our m om is sneezing a lot today with her al-er-gees! We have a Swan man too. He pets us all when he comes & I try to sneak out around his feets when the door opens! -Scout

Victor Tabbycat said...

Nice here, too, but Mom worked furry late. I hope she doesn't stay so late tomorrow nite.