May 9, 2006

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Yes, mama went out on the Missississippi River with her people from work. There wasn't any dancing, and she said, if anyone wanted to, it was too cool to not wear a coat, so no one took their clothes off. That should settle the Viking thing, she said. She works for a "religious organization", and they are not like the Vikings!

Fish. I never thought of that. Of course, fish come from water. She said they didn't have any fish on board, and no one on the boat was trying to catch any.

It was just a nice ride on a boat down the river, a thank you to the employees for a year well done.

So she went back to work yesterday and had to work late. Hmmmm.


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Well thats a nice 'thank you very much'! Overtime! Oh well, a beans gotta do what a beans gotta do! Gotta keep cat food on the table.

William said...

My mom says it sounds lovely, even if there were no fishies to catch.

Little-Kitty-No-Name said...

I am fine Brandi. I just don't blog anymore. My Dad is never home to help me since it's getting warmer. He's alway working. I'm not neglected, cause there am so many peoples here, they just don't know how to blog. :)