May 28, 2006

Memorial Weekend Update

Oh, my, it was up to 95 today! Hot!! Mama put water on me. I hated it, but I lay down in front of the fan, and it was really coool! Hmm. I might get to like that.

Yesterday my mama went out with one of her friends, and when she came home I satted with her. Nursie duties, ya know!

This evening she has been going over the adds in the local paper, on line. They have a neat service where you can save jobs you like, and sometimes apply directly from there. She found 11 whole jobs!

She did this before, and they have refined their service, now. I hope she will do well. Better than last time.

We want to thank you for all your purrayrs and suggestions. Mama tried the temp thing before, and it wasn't very good. Besides, now she doesn't have a wheelie monster, she has to bus.

Keep purraying for us! Mama is a really good administrative assistant, and she is very nice to everybody. She shouldn't have to be this sad and scared.

Back to nursie duties. My job is never done!


The Meezers said...

Happy Memorial Day Brandi and Brandismom! We are still purraying for a job to come to you!

PrincessMia said...

Thanks for the update, Brandi. We've been thinking about your mom everyday. I understand about not having a monster with wheels. Good luck to your mom. We're purraying for you both.

pandora and charlie said...

Hi Brandi - I just heard about your mom.

I'm purraying she finds a good job!

Mama is a good 'ministrative 'sistant too, but now she's a manager - whatever that means!
(she says she doesn't know either! [feline grin])


Patches & Mittens said...

We are hoping for the best for your Momma.....tell her that.....

Patches Lady

Feline Oligarchy said...

Hi Brandi - you're going through some really scary times and we're so glad you can make your mama feel better. Hang in there, we are thinking and praying for both of you -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

DEBRA said...

Hi Brandi

I just learned about your Mom. I sure do hope that things work out for her. Will keep my little paws crossed!


Mia and Ghost said...

We have been purring for a new job for your Mom. Hope some of the 11 work out for her.

Edsel/The Pooch said...

Hi Brandi - we hope and pray that your Mom will find a job she likes. sometimes it's hard bein' a bean and we have to take care of them. we're sending lotsa purrayers your way.