May 24, 2006

Wednesday update

From Mom at work:

The person who will make the offer on the new position is gone till next Tuesday. So keep praying everyone. Nice thing to do on a holiday weekend, basically totally wreck it for me! Unless the person emails in an announcement or an offer or something, I still don't know if I will be employed. Or even when my last day is.

Brandi is going to have to stick close to me this weekend.

Eating is making me sick. This whole thing is making me sick.

I was unemployed for two years before I found this job. I did not have medical insurance for quite a while, and I am a diabetic. I had to beg money to pay for my apartment. I gave up my car, my cell phone, my cable, and all my medicine, even my insulin. I don't want to live through this again.

I guess I will survive. I did last time. But it is horribly unfair!

There! No more from me. Brandi will get her blog back. Thanks for reading this.


PrincessMia said...

We will keep purraying for you. :::purrs:::

The Meezers said...

Brandi's mom- I totally know where you are coming from. It is unfair that things like this happen to such good people. Won't your current employer tell you when your last day is for a reason? I know in my line of work, they don't tell us because they are afraid we will plant logic bombs in the computer systems. Is it possible for you to collect unemployment?
You're not alone, and if you ever need to talk, just send me an email. - Meezers Mom Mary

Maggie & Molly said...

I know it is hard, but try not to let it ruin your weekend. Things always work out for the best. I will keep you in my prayers over the weekend (maggie's mom)

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Dear Brandi's Mom: What an awaful situation you are in. We hope & pray thaat it is temporary for you and that the new job will come through & things will be on the upswing again.Remember there are services & organizastions to tide you through when things get tough, even if you don't like having to resort to that, it's what they are there for. No one should have to go without their medication, especially a diabetic. Your dr. may be able to arrange something if worse comes to worse during this time. Once you wrote that you work for a "religious organization". Without knowing what you do, there are so many types of jobs out there I'll just ask are you Catholic? Our church is currently looking for a new pastoral ministry director as our current one is retiring. I pray that you will get the job you are looking for and am sorry this is going to be such a tense weekend. I probably live 20 minutes from you, maybe you could come pet my cats & visit my guinea pigs. We could sit on my deck & get to know each other. I'm convenient off 169, 494 & 694. You aren't alone. DOn't be afraid to reach out to people. sss's mom Lynne