May 1, 2006

Rainy Day Monday

Oh, it's still yucky out. Lots of nappies today. Mama had to go to work. Sunday I gotted more hamm.

Not a lot going on. Birdies aren't happy with the rain, I guess. And Mr. Squirrel is staying dry today.

Nap, nap, eat.

Take care everyone.


Muddy, said...

Just wait until the rain stops -- lots of birdies come out for the worms that come out. Yum!

PrincessMia said...

Thanks, Brandi. I'll be taking a nap right now. zzzzzzzzzz

Edsel/The Pooch said...

i really wonder what it is with you and ham?? i've tried it and don't 'specially like it. have you tried fish? fish is really good and it comes in all kinda flavors. i've never seen ham Stinky Goodness.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We are hoping this rain quits real soon too. Our dad went to Phoenix today for a week to "work" and it is 100 degrees there! For real. How unfair is that?

The Meezers said...

mmmmmmmmm ham.

Luna said...

In my town is coming to sun! I like it! =^^=