January 23, 2007

'Allo, 'allo?

Well, we didn't apply for anything today. Nothing out there that mama was qualified for. A lot of them sound perfect, and then at the end throw in something really stupid that mama can't do. Must be able to lift 70 pounds? Must have knowledge of Mac? Must have car so you can run errands (what, so that they don't have to waste THEIR gas and their time picking up their drycleaning or taking their grandma to the airport???). Or else they say no benefits at the end, or that they are in a faraway suburb, or prospect must know the &*$#@ program, or you have to have a cell phone and be able to travel at a moment's notice (not with me. You can't shuffle me off to just anyone, and just who is going to pay the spa/kennel/sitter??).

This is getting ridiculous. Nasty beans!

Oh, yes. Mama sent a nice thank you to a place that interviewed her several months ago and turned her down, and when mama applied again, they sent her a nice letter saying they weren't going to interview her for the new different job. She complimented them on being so nice. She sent it off early this morning. She got a reply this afternoon. An automated one saying that person was out of the office due to an ill child and out all afternoon. Hmmm. Being older, employees never have to worry about that with mama. I have not been the vet kind of sick (knock on wood, mama says) for many years.

She also sent a couple of places she applied a nice how's it going. One (the nicer one) responded and said they would be setting up interviews next week.

*kitty sigh* She tries.

Love, headbumpies, purrs and of course,
a sweet 'allo to my sweet and wonderful Sugar Pie,


Audrey said...

Hi Brandi, you and your Mama are in our prayers.

My Mom was wondering if you and your Mama had thought about seeking financial assistance from any religious or non-profit organizations, if they may also have a job for your Mama, or some referrals or other suggestions. Just a thought.

Jane said...

Your Mum is doing all the right things there Brandi. You are doing all thr right things to keep her spirits up in what must be such a difficult time. Here's hoping luck swings your way really soon :)

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie. We're thinking good thoughts for you and your mommy sweetie. We just know that the right jobbie will come along at the right time. It's hard to see you going through this when you're trying so hard. Audrey has a good idea, sometimes a religious or non-profit organization can help. They may even have some sort of transportation available to you (or, if your mommy doesn't mind working at a church - my grandma did for years even though she isn't uber religious - the actual church office might have an opening.

On to happier things, mommy said that she trusts me and you so you can teleport over any time you want even if she isn't home. Your mommy should know I am a gentlemen kitty and snuggling only. I have a very warm heated mat (that works with my body's heat so no dangerous wires and mommy doesn't have to worry about it being "on" when they aren't home) under the towel on my bird watching window seat, sos we can stay warm!

Take care both of you! You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Mia and Ghost said...

Your Mom is doing all she can. We are sure it must be most frustrating for her. All you can do is keep at it. We are all behind you...