January 11, 2007

Upsetting Stuff

Mama gotted the address wrong today, when she wented to her interview. She has no cell phone, and didn't have the number, anyway, and the bus let her off in an AWFUL neighborhood. She walked around for a while, but it was very scarey, so she stood by another bus stop and went back to downtown. When she gotted back home, she called them and lefted a message for them, but she doesn't think they will call her back to reschedule. She has been crying ever since, and I can't stop her.

So, thanks efurry one for your prayers and stuff. She really is in bad shape right now, so we are going to go job hunt and that's it for the evening.

I wish I could help more than I am.

Love, everyone, I gots to go,


Mattingly said...

Oh ok... phew. You can delete that last comment. We were just getting frustrated!

We are so sorry to hear about your Mommy's awful day. For as much as it helps, our prayers and thoughts and purrs are with you. It can be very hard on us kitties when our Moms are so upset. We really hope the people at the job today will understand her predicament and be kind to her.

Lots of hugs to you both.

The Meezers said...

Oh Carol, I am crying right along with you. I am so so sorry. I pray that they will call you back. - Meezer Mom Mary

William said...

We're sorry to hear this. :-( Maybe they will call her back.

Audrey said...

Hi Brandi, I found your blog from Miles and Sammy's. My Mom and I said a special prayer for you and your Mama tonight.

Jane said...

So sorry your Mum had such a bad time of it. Something better will turn up soon xx

Daisy said...

Oh, Brandi, I am very sorry that happened to your Mommie. It sounds scary. I am purring and purring that things work out, and fast! Thanks for keeping us updated, because we are worried.

Bandit T. Kitty Kat said...

Brandi- Keep giving your Mama lots of purrs, kitty kisses and cheek rubbies...some head butting might help too. When my Mom is really depressed she always says that helps, even if it takes awhile.

Junior said...

Meowm has tears in her eyes for your Mom. We wish there was more we could do!

Just keep snuggling your Mom and we will keep purraying!

DEBRA said...


We wishes dat der wuz somefink we cood do to helps yur Momma find a jobbie. We will continue to keep her in our purrayers...just keepin snuggled up close by to her. We knoos dat helps LOTS


Anonymous said...

Dear Brandi & human,

That is terrible, I would be having a massive cry also. Hopefully with your snuggles and a good cup of tea it was easier. I am sorry the job hunt has not been going well - lots of purryars for you.

best wishes,
Mookie, Chaiyah and the Person

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh, that happened to my mommy once. It was awful. She got lost in a bad neighborhood downtown, then went to the wrong address and didn't have a number to call and couldn't get back to the highway. I'm so sorry it happened to your mommy. It is scary and frustrating.
Sweet Brandi, you're helping your mommy so much just by loving her and loving on her. Kitty purrs and snuggles are very soothing to our mommies. I'm so sorry again for that awful day your mommy had. We're sending good comforting thoughts her way.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...


Sometimes having someone else depending upon you helps as much as anything. It is real easy to just curl up in bed and pull the covers over your head.

One note for Brandi's mama: I don't know what you do, but in most cases asking for less than you're worth doesn't help all that much. If anything, it seems to start them wondering what's wrong with you.

For whatever it might be worth.

Good luck


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh Brandi, yoor momma is having such a bad time. Our momma wishes she cood do more fur her. Yoo snuggle her and love her and help her to feel bettur. Oh, has she tried a placement/temp agency. Dats how momma gots her jobbie. Sometimes places don't hire frum adds, effun online. Dey wants people who haf been "pre-screened". Momma went to a place and had to take some bean counter tests and den dey sent her to three diferint places and the first one she wented to took her on as a temp fur a year and den hired her direct.

Lux said...

How awful for your mom! She's lucky to have you to care, though.

Fat Eric said...

We are thinking of you and sending purrs. We really hope something good turns up for you soon.

My mum has been given some Catitude socks with the name of your blog on - there is a picture on my site.

Sophia said...

You're still in our thoughts