January 28, 2007

Sweet Sunday, but Verrry Coldd!

When mama gotted up it was -1 with a windchill of -15. She putted my t-shirt on me last night, and made me wear it till early this morning, then, since I was out of both the sleeves, she took it off me. Well, it was a little warmer with it, but I'd rather not.

It is now 2 above.

Mama found a couple of jobbies today that she applied for. She also had hot cereal for brekkies and made tea instead of coffee. I think this is a tea day.

Back to our computer dilemma. We have a Windows ME, and the speakers are programmed in. Unlike at her old jobbie, where you could use the speaker on the flatscreen or just plug in a couple of speakers in one of the ports (forgot the name. USB?). She gotted a couple of speakers from somebean and plugged them in and they didn't work. And she tried them at her old jobbie and they worked fine. Does she have to unprogram the old ones? Not that she knows how.

Anyway, for news: mama will be adding It's All Good, bwog of the genius cat, Moi, moi, moi (Audrey), Icon Baxter Bentley, and Jeter Harris's blog today. Welcome to our linkies!

Anyone who wants to come over and snuggle today, feel free. We have lots of blankies and afghans! And mama is making chicken for lunch. And maybe stew for dinner. Don't like stew, but love that gravy!

love, headbumpies and snuggles,
and a smoochie for my sweetie, Sugar Pie,

p.s. Oh, now what! The cat blogosphere picture linkie is suddenly all screwed up. Somebody help? We added our linkies and DID NOT touch this part of our template. Help???


Evil White Cat said...

afgans n' gravy? i am on my way...


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oooo I'm coming over if that is OK. Mommy and daddy are cleaning today and I want so snuggle! Who better than with you and some nummy gravy? I'll even bring my Purdue blankie we can share!
I'm sorry we can't help with the computer stuff. We aren't really good at that. Thank goodness for Skeezix and the group ther eto help. We're crossing fingers and paws for your mommy that the temp place calls!

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Not sure how much this will help, but the first thing I would try is removing (uninstalling) the old speakers and rebooting. With luck ME will notice the change and find drivers for the new speakers. (did she get drivers with the speakers?)

I think ME offered a 'Add/Remove Hardwire' option on the control panel for the uninstall. If not, grab a convenient twelve year old, they could probably help.

If all else fails, crank up your favorite search engine; I doubt your mama is the first person with this problem.

Good luck.


DEBRA said...


It am furry FURRY cold where yu are. It am gonna be 20 somefink here tonight, I am already shiverin....finking bout dat.

Keeping yu and yur Momma in our purrayers.


William said...

Looks like the link is OK, so I guess you got it fixed OK? We had a Windows ME machine for eons and Mom said you should be able to just plug the speakers into the back of the CPU. The place to plug them in should have a little speaker symbol near it, or it might even be color-coded to the plug end.

If you've got them plugged in, maybe you just need to open Control Panel and adjust your speaker volume or make sure the setting isn't set on mute. Mom says she doesn't remember having to make any other change.

Hope it gets a little warmer and happier!

Anonymous said...

It's been very cold lately I've been sleeping under my fleece blanket.I love gravy and chicken too.Your a very lucky kitty.

Karen Jo said...

I am hoping very hard that the temp place calls today. I'm sorry I can't help you with your computer problems, as I never used ME. I hope you find the help you need.

Fat Eric said...

I have been having problems seeing pictures on people's blogs today, maybe it is just Blogger and not you. Your dinner sounds nice. We are having Mexican salmon and refried beans and rice. I will be lurking in the hope that someone drops some salmon.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Thank you for letting us know about Baci!!!! We didn't know until we read it here!

Boy said...

Woahoohoo....thanks brandi, for winking me up!
Now more and more kitties know about my bwog! This is so exciting!!!
mummy usuawwy gets me to help in her compoooter because I'm such a genius cat, but I've never used windows ME before.
did you pwug the speakers thwough the usb? If you did, pwobabwy you've got to wait a bit for your compooter to "discover new hardware" before it could know that it's got neooow speeeekers attached.