January 13, 2007

Weekend Update

My mama has been furry furry sad with leaky eyes a lot the last couple of days, so we have not been blogging. She now is furry scared about not having a jobbie. Messing up that last interview was probably a good thing, cause it is in a bad bad place in the twin cities, with lots of shootings and stuff. I am glad she gotted out of there safe! But she is upset that she messed up, and also upset that she even decided to apply there, cause it is so scarey. She said she met three tabby cats on a front porch, and they even looked mean!

The place she applied a day before that was a placement place. She applied to work there, but if they don't place her there in the office, she asked for direct hire to one of their clients. And what she is asking for minimum pay is somewhere in the middle of what is being offered in the twin cities, which is what she got working at the school.

So, * crossing paws and looking up at the heavens* please Dear God,
My mama is so scared and sad, please give her a jobbie as soon as you can! It is getting very upsetting for me to do my jobbie of taking care of her, and I don't know what more I can do. And, God, please make it warmer if you can. It was 12 degrees today, but that is COLD! Yesterday it was 4! Brrrrr!
Thank you for all the nice friends on the cat blogs, too. They have been trying to help! Please bless them all.
And thank you for my warm blankies and mama to curl up on. Some kitties in the twin cities are probably furry furry cold! Please watch out for all of them.


Oh, by the way, this evening mama updated some linkies (A LOT), so don't forget to check them out. Ten new ones that we have been promising to do: Mao's Mews, Forty Paws (a new bloggie about 10 cats in the same house!), Feline Fine (Princess Pearl), Prince Muddy Paws' new bloggie (cause his other one broke), the Adventures of the M's, the Adventures of Sugar, Willow's Cat Blog, Kattonic Cats(been working on mama for ages for this one), Faz the Cat (been on the list for a while, too), and the new Cat Blogosphere (cause of all the problems with the old one they moved). Whew!

Now she has to do the linkie for the picture of the Cat Blogosphere. Help!! I'm hiding.

Love, purrs headbumpies, and a special kiss for that special dashing reporter,


Lux said...

I'm so hoping that a miracle occurs for your mama - that is such a sweet prayer; you are a very nice cat, Brandi.

Triller said...

Hi Brandi,
Tanks for bisiting my Blog.
I sorry yor Mum is habing a ruff time wiff finding werk an is so sad. Good fing she gots you to cheer her!
My Mum dont go to werk. She has sumpin called dishibilty so she gets to be here wiff me an Chelsea. But DadCat goes to werk ebbry day to make munny to by us catFOOD.

Mattingly said...

Brandi we are so glad you updated. We were getting worried over here about you and your Mama. Your prayer is wonderful Brandi. We are adding our prayers to it.

~Mattingly, Harlie, and their Mom

Forty Paws said...

We is glad u bisited owr blog. We will al pray fur u and yur mama. Dat's a lot of purrayers!! We hopes yur mama duznt haz to go to bad parts of twin city nomore. Dat's bery skeery.
Purrs & Hedbuts,
40 paws

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie! Don't worry about Daisy Mae, she was just complimentin me. I tell girl kitties they are purty too, but you're my Sugar Pie and are the prettiest kitty I've ever seen! You're also the sweetiest *blush*
You said a nice prayer for your mommy and lotsa people including us are saying them too.
This may sound bad, but I'm glad your mommy didn't take that jobbie. We have some bad areas here too(there was a shooting outside the downtown library 2 hours after mommy left there! she does jean-e-ology work there)and the more you have to go there the more chances something could happen to you. We don't want anything to happen to your mommy.
Do you haf enough blankies to stay warm? We're praying for nice weather for you too.

The Meezers said...

we are purraying furry hard for your momma. It's furry scary. we is scairt too wif our mommy and daddy not hafing jobbies.

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

We are keeping you in our thoughts and purrayers.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

My goodness, such a bad way fur fings to be! Look, it's not much, but I issued a challenge to Bubbles and Speedy for your benefit. I'm not a snuggly, gushy cat, but I don't like to see my furiends' staff so unhappy.

Victor says you need to apply Fur an Purr therapy to your mom. I'm not that sort of cat, but he is. Be well, furiends.