January 2, 2007

New Year, No Work

At least we had sunshine today, which was verrry nice. But Mama tried and tried to apply for a job at their own career website, cause it was advertised on the monster site she's on, but every time she tried she couldn't get the jobbie website to admit there was a job. I don't understand this, but I think it works sometimes like blogger. Which means it doesn't work.

She is also praying very hard for one of the jobbies at her old jobbie. They are not in the same department, but they are on the same campus, and she really misses working there. Just not her old jobbie. Does this make sense? I mean she misses the beans who worked there and the student beans she used to help, but maybe not her old jobbie and department, cause she can't go back there. And I mean she's really praying! A Lot!

Anyway, she was nice to sleep on today. And even put the nice quilty blanket I got for Chrissymouse from Texas over me. And I got part of a turkey sammich for lunch.

Love, headbumpies and purrs, and a special hi to my sweet protector and Sugar Pie,



Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

that would be great if she can go back to the place she liked. we're praying for that too.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

mmmm turkey sammich. I luv that. I've also discovered goldfish crackers. Whenever my daddy gets a bowl, I beg and beg until he gives me a couple.

We're praying really hard for your mommy to get the jobbie at her old campus. Is there anyone there she know who can take a hard copy of her resume to the person who is hiring or is it to big a campus? Sometimes that helps.

We're praying bunches and sending good vibes your way! You enjoy sleeping with your mommy now because when she goes back to work you'll miss her bunches. Mommy went back yesterday and I hung all over her last night and when she left this morning *ducks head* I chased her down the hallway to the garage crying. She came back and petted me and gave me a plate of stinky goodness to tied me over while she left.

I misses her (she said she misses me too)

Crossing all my paws and mommy's fingers for your mommy!!!!!!!!!!!