January 6, 2007

Saturday News

It was warm today. The sun was out. Lots of sunbeams for nappies. Yeahhhhhh! Mr. Squirrel was really happy about all the melted snow. But I hear maybe there is snow coming. Maybe.

Mama gotted together with one of her friends for a while today. Don't know how she did it, cause she did NOT sleep well last night. Bet she sleeps tonight! She didn't bring me back anything, though.

Only one jobbie today for her. And that was it. Gonna try to read up again on bloggies and I gotta make mama update stuff. The Cat Blogosphere has moved. Prince Muddy Paws has a new site, other stuff needs to be added, but I bet she will get that done tomorrow, knowing her.

Last night we didn't get much catching up cause blogger wouldn't let us. And our server was acting up, too. Yucky.

Hopefully I will catch up tonight, or maybe tomorrow. Dinner hasn't happened here yet, so I forgive mama if we don't really catch up tonight.

Love, purrrrrs, headbumpies, and a special hi to my brave and wonderful Sugar Pie,

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Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we been havin' a hard time keepin' up an updatin' stuff recently too. we're glad yur havin' nice weather. we're supposta have almost 80 degrees tomorrow in sum places round here.