January 19, 2007

Skeezix is Wonderful!

Some of you reading our bloggie the last couple of days have probably wondered why our sidebar dissappeared. It didn't. You had to scroll and scroll and scroll down for it. Mama tried to fix it, but she didn't know how. Everything she tried didn't work. So, she asked Skeezix's Cat Blog Help Center for help. And Skeezix's solution was not only easy, and simple to correct, his answer was as entertaining and funny as Skeezix is known to be. Wow. So if you have problems, dear bloggers, this is truly where to go. Answers are posted so that others can read up, too. And if you are not that "techy", don't dispair. Skeezix and his crew at the Help Center will not talk techobabble like blogger will. Or at least they will explain so that you can understand.

Thank you Skeezix!

And now on to other stuff. We applied again at a place for a jobbie. New jobbie. They never got back to us before exept for that "we received your information and will keep you on file if something comes up we think you would be right for" thing. But they never have. No one else called today, but we keep applying. We only apply for jobbies that mama knows she can do and that are accessed by bus. She says it is a waste of time to apply at places that require software she has never heard of or knows anything about, or requires something else, like a technical skill she has no experience or doesn't have the master level skill required. When she does apply to these places, and admits her skill level in something, sometimes they don't even get back to her, so sometimes even honesty does not work, and does not get interviews, but other times when she stresses that she would be willing to learn, it works. . Anyway, she is trying. She had no idea about a couple of the systems at her old place, but they accepted that, wanted her for her other skills and she actually got hired. And the systems? She became one of the "go to" beans for them.

So, anyway, we gotted up really early this morning and read half the blogs. Blogger and Google would not let us read anything after we posted yesterday. And now we read the others. Whew. There are a lot of us, huh? So we are caught up, sort of. Except the first half of our blog friends have probably updated for Friday.... Some days we can't win.

See you this weekend. Mama still has to update some linkies, like ones that have changed and stuff.

love, headbumpies and purrs,
and a special smooch for you know who,


DEBRA said...

I dunno why blogger and google do dat to us sometimes...it's furry frustratin!

Give yur Momma a nice snuggle Brandi!


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Hi Brandi,

We hope your Mama's job hunting goes better next week. Our Mom hires admins, but we're in Northern Virginia so that wouldn't help you much. She did say that she'd be happy to give "fresh eyes" to your Mama's current resume or discuss interviewing techniques with her if she wants. Your Mama can email her care of us at jakeandbathsheba AT yahoo DOT com.

Good luck,