January 17, 2007

Just a note

Mama wanted me to let you know that she ordered groceries to be delivered early this evening, so she might not let me blog tonight. It was -1 when we wented to bed, but we were really warm and toasty with the blankies and everything. This is a new service with her grocery store, Lunds, and they even allow gift cards to be used on line, which is nice, cause we get them once in a while. So if we have time after they deliver, mama will get on line. Otherwise, all we will be doing on line today is jobbie hunting. I haven't been able to catch up on reading bloggers, but we don't do stuff during the day on line, cause we have dial up, and we want the phone free for beans to call, and applying for jobbies takes some time at night, and we have to have the phone free for the delivery tonight. Now mama will have juice and milk (and more hamm).

Hey, it is just after 8 am and already 9 degrees!

Hope to see you later!


p.s. later today:
The foodies came. There was a couple of screw ups (mama's) but they gave her some free baked beans from the deli (she says these are really good) and called her about a couple of things. One of the soups she ordered was on sale, and out of stock, so they gave her something else at the same price. She only got one yogurt, but she was only charged for the one. Everything was delivered to our front door. Not bad for her first time ordering stuff on line. If you are around a Lunds/Byerlys,they are pretty cool. They even have my favorite crunchies, Alley Cat. It's even fun looking at the website (mama says it makes you hungry). The online site has gift certificates, catering info (they catered at an event at her old jobbie, and she said it was very nice), they have recipes, free email newsletters, and they do NOT advertise outside the store. Some people think they are expensive. But the in store sales are pretty good (like, buy one milk, get one free sometimes, and the soup was on sale almost half price today). And I got to be with mama. Well, this afternoon she did do an awful lot of laundry.... See you later! Oh, and it made it up to 22 degrees today!


Lux said...

Try to stay warm!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Might there be a way we could contact Lund's online and purchase gift cards for someone if we were so inclined....?????

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh ML, my bad totally -- I have the information for getting Lunds gift cards online and having them sent to Carol. Shoot, I've missed a bunch of things. Bother and stuff on me for that. Anycat or bean who wants to send a gift card for Lunds can contact me or Sanjee at catsnmom AT crystalsandjewelry DOT com.

Tara said...

Hi Brandi, I'm Tara, a new meezer in the blogosphere. I'm using all my meezer powers to send your mom positive energy. Something good will happen! My mom had a job leave her once. She had an interview a million miles away in a bad part of a place called Richmond. She drove all the way over there, then called them up from across the street, and told them she wasn't coming in for the interview. Then drove all the way home. It was good she did that, cause she then found the fantastic job she has now, and can buy me lots of treats. So have hope! Tara

I would also like to know about gift cards for Lund's.....

DEBRA said...

Brrrr... it wuz -1?

Uh oh...I can't imagines! Keep yur Momma warms Brandi!

Gud fing dat they delivered to yu. Dat wuz a furry gud ider!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi sweet Brandi. I second the question. I can't believe how chilly it is for you! I'm glad you and your mommy are warm inside. Mommy says negative 1 isn't even a temperature. They should just say "it is way to cold to leave your house so don't".
Your mommy did a great job with her first time ordering online. It can be confusing! I'm glad she doesn't have to go out in the icky weather.
I'm sending you virtual snuggles and warm thoughts!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Yes, what ML seded. Can yoo purchase gift cards fur someone else on der webbysite?

Junior said...

Stay warm! Grocery delivery sounds great!

My Meowm doesn't know where your Mom stands on religion, but some of the churches might help with rent or food. Check with the LDS (Mormon) church. They may want your Mom to come to church or something, but it might be worth it for some help.

Bandit's Mom in NY said...

Grocery delivery, if you can get it - can be a GREAT help. My husband is disabled can can't help me with any chores and I work full time. I also have a bad back and have had knee issues. We live in an apt on the second floor. We do have parking.. but carrying things from the parking lot and inside - even with an elevator from the lobby was becoming a real issue. The Stop&Shop stores here have a delivery service (called PEAPOD) and we have been using them for almost 2 years now. It makes a big difference in our lives.... for example, now I can get kitty litter in larger (and more reasonably priced) containers. Now I only shop for things they don't deliver or are lightweight. If I was relying on public transportation or taxis, as you are, it would be even more worthwhile. Best of luck as you continue to look for work. Lots of people have you in their thoughts and prayers and lots of purrs and meows are sent your way.