January 3, 2007

Wednesday News

No news is Wednesday News. Mama and I snuggled a lot. That was it. Mama finished a book and I just nappied and ate and stuff. And the sun was out, so it was sunbeam time! Mr. Squirrel was out, too, catching up on the news around here. He doesn't like the ice on the parking lot too well, or on the front sidewalks, but he says it's better than it will be the rest of the winter.

The campus where mama worked is a small one. Everyone knows everyone else. So the bean that collects the resumes and stuff is someone she knows and likes, and everone else knows her too. If that is a good thing or a bad thing, she doesn't know. She knows that a lot of beans and student beans there liked her, though.

She applied at another place today. *sigh*

Hope efurryone is doing okay.

Love, headbumpies, purrs, and a sweet nosekiss for my sweet Sugar Pie,


Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Oh, we are really hopin' and purrayin' that your Mama gets the job at her old campus!
Happy New Year to you both!

Mattingly said...

Brandi, I just want to let you know that we all pray for you and your Mama every day... and everytime we click the link for you blog we hold our breath for good news. This is what we did when Luna was missing and she came home (well... not because of what we did necessarily... but it gives us hope). Here's to 2007 being your Mama's year!

Sophia said...

Happy New Year! We hope you find something soon.

Junior said...

We are continuing purrayers for your Mom to find a jobbie.

Karen Jo said...

I'm still hoping hard for your Mama to find a job. I wish her the best of luck on the job she just applied for. There is something out there for her, I am sure of it.

Eric and Flynn said...

Should be a good fing that efurryone knows her theer. hope she has sum good luck furr the Noo Yeer.