January 29, 2007


It is now said that the median income for Minneapolis is $140,909 annually. My mama has never even made $30,000. Which is why we do not live in a nice home, and why mama does not have a car, and when she did, she has never owned a new car. It is why my mama has not gone on a real vacation in many years. It is why we are mostly penniless right now. We went through everything the last time mama got laid off. The people who are making this income are the ones that are not hiring mama. And probably do not understand how someone would have to do without a car and doesn't have their own home and doesn't go on vacations. The people who do have all this stuff simply want more, so they don't pay their employees enough.

Well, off that soap box.

They also say that when you come to Minnesota, bring warm clothes. They got that right. Glad I have my furrs. Glad mama has warm socks for her cold feeties.

My sweetie and the Evil Cat came over to snuggle. They were both gentlemen. And my sweetie made a sign for me (*blush*) but nasty blogger would not let me comment on his blog.

Stay warm, everyone. We are off to catch up on other things.

Love to all,


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Yoo don't hafta tell my momma about dat stuff! She werks furry hard and da beans dat is officers at her company don't do much and take lots of time off and make 5 times as much as her and when da company does good dey all gets big bonuses and momma and da other workers get nuffing! Dey don't effun have a krissmouse party for dem anymore. Dey effun lease cars fur all da beans dat can well afford to buy or lease der own. Momma knows, she pays da leases and da country club and health club dues and sees what dey make. It's bad dat beans dat work furry hard get nuffing and dat da ones dat do nuffing get lots. Mom and dad are still playing catch up frum daddy being out of work fur 4 1/2 years.

M- Filer said...

Must be freezing out there in the twin cities!
The median income is $140,000? Hard to believe.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie, I'm sorry it is so cold where you are. I'm glad you have furs and your mommy's slippers too.

My mommy's friend got a jobbie at a senior citizen community doing some administrative work. She lives downtown and doesn't have a car either (since she lives downtown she takes the bus or rides with friends). Mommy thought it might be a good idea for your mommy since she likes to help people.

It was nice hanging out with you Sunday. Tell your mommy "hi" *kitty paw wave*

Karen said...

141k? Are hey crazy where was that? OH MY. i would be afraid what boston is.