January 5, 2007

Friday, What happened to Thursday?

Okay, we appologize for not being here yesterday, but my mama found a bunch of jobbies to apply for, and she hogged the puter. So the reason we weren't here was mama was making sure everything was perfect when she applied. She even applied for a place that has woofie puppies in the office! Hmm. I'd tolerate that if it meant she was working again.

So, here we are. This time mama is letting me post before she jobbie searches. But I have to make it short, just in case, and maybe I can come back and add to this.

I didn't get to share lunch, so I hope we have something decent for dinner. (Aren't I spoiled??).

I get to check on bloggies I missed yesterday AFTER we jobbie search.

Okay, Okay. Let's go so I can get back here!

Love, purrs, headbumpies, and sweet thoughts for my dashing Sugar Pie!

1 comment:

Ariel said...

Hope all goes well for your mama I'll keep my paws crossed.