January 30, 2007

Tuesday, and Brrr!

No phone calls today. And we are having a cold week in the twin cities! Mama found a jobbie to apply for today, but just one. *sigh*

With Stinky Goodness in the morning and snugglies with mama, I didn't have a bad day. But I think mama did. Even with my snugglies with her.

I think she has to go back to the doctor soon, and that is scarey cause her insurance is all screwed up again. And now we have no income, cause the unemployment is gone.

Yesterday one of the jobbies she applied for was with a place that deals with old beans, and it is a couple of blocks from where she worked, so she knows the area and everything. I think she would like to work where she can really help people, so it would be nice if they called her for an interview.

The place from Friday never called her back for an interview, and it was for a medical company, so she would have liked that, too.

I love the snugglies, but it would be okay here if mama wasn't here during the day. We have lots of blankies and stuff, and I could still snuggle at night with her if she had a jobbie. Then she would be happier and could stop worrying about stuff.

Love, headbumpies and, of course, a smooch for my Sugar Pie!



Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

We are still keeping you in our foughts and purrers.

DEBRA said...


Evul blogger ate my post to yu yesterday...I hope it werks today.
Sorry it is so cold up yur way. I has been cold here two. But we are suppose to be warmer today. I hopes so cuz I has been shiverin. Momma efven turned up the warm air in da house jus fur me.

We keep purrayin fur yur Momma

Daisy said...

I am still purring and purring for yer Mommie!

Junior said...

We are still purraying.