January 27, 2007

Second Post today! NOOS!

Wrote my first post early this morning, and have since added a ps and another ps, so now I am just going to do a new post. We are so excited. Smudge is soo happy with his grammy, and she loves him too. He is doing very well with her, medically, too.

We are so happy for him. His mama and daddy have been very worried and sad for him, and he leaves such a hole in their own family cause they have decided he is best with grammy, and they will only be able to visit. His daddy, in particular, is very sad without his Smudge. But sometimes there has to be sacrifices for loved ones.

So they went by a rescue place, and they found Baci. Not to replace Smudge. But just because when you are sad, opening up your heart and sharing with someone else is that much sweeter. So they will have a new little one in their home, but Smudge only in their hearts. Please welcome Baci. In Italian it means love and kisses.

That is how I came to mama's place. She was sad, and I needed a home, and now we are a family.

Love is such a thing to share! Please welcome Baci!


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Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

PS from my earlier post. It was so fun teleporting over to your place. Your mommy's gravy from the stew was delish and the blankies and afghans are nice and soft *blush* kinda like you. You stay warm in your shirt tonight Sugar Pie! I'm sure it is lovely.
I posted about our visit on my bloggy so if your computer will let you, stop by and see it.