January 27, 2007

Where Have We Been

Thursday we were going to the prayer vigil. Mama fell asleep at the computer (!) and managed to pop in at the very end. She is so sorry. And that computer chair of hers, while it is pretty comfy for me, is not good for her to sleep in.

On Friday the temp to hire place that interviewed her for a job in their own office and then decided to hire someone else called her and said that they had a temp to hire placement. Would she be willing to put an objective on her resume that slanted towards this job? Of course! The bean looked up the bus information and everything for her. She emailed the information to him. She waited all afternoon for a phone interview from this special place.... Well, all I can say is, hope they call Monday. Otherwise, it's another dump in the trashcan. The decision to call is left totally up to the company looking for the employee.

Then we have been having serious problems with our on line server. As much as we tried yesterday, it wouldn't let us blog. Not blogger. Our on line company. It kept freezing on us, taking hours more to jobbie hunt and mama just gave up. She did manage to update her cover letter on one site. But after several manual reboots, the computer was not fun anymore.

We know we have an old computer. We can't do any fancy upgrading of modems and the like. We have only lowly dialup. We can't use the newest version of the service cause it would blow our computer (tried the last version, and it did! We had to have lots of help after that, and we are not under warranty now). I think they are trying to make us upgrade, freezing after we try to leave every page, and freezing just because.

So that's the problem. Have not read anybody's blog in a couple of days because of it.

Maybe it's library time for mama or something. But the main library only allows 20 minutes on the computer. That is not enough to job hunt much less keep up with my friends.

A dilemma (as in an old Gilbert and Sullivan song, " a nice dilemma we have here that calls for all our wit") .

I am gonna read up on the "noos" if our stupid internet provider lets me. Finally. And if blogger behaves.

Love, headbumpies, purrs to everyone,
and especially to my sweetie, cause I have been missing him and thinking sweet thoughts to him,

p.s. We caught up on effurry blog! Wow! Mama will update stuff maybe later, but we did want to say hooray for Dolce's Story Chair once again!

p.p.s. When we gotted this computer it was lots of years ago. We have a ME I think, ME 98? 2000? We gotted it in 2001. We gotted it with monies mama's old company gave her (before the school). When she tolded the tech at her school about it, he patted her shoulder and said, "it's okay. You can always buy a new one." That is why my dream for my mama is a nice computer with a flat screen. She used to blog at lunchtime at her old jobbie cause she had high speed internet there, and a nice flat screen monitor with speakers in it, and a much smaller hard drive. The only think we really like is the mouse on this computer. It doesn't need a mouse pad, and it lights up red when you use it, and we think that's cool. Our speakers blew, and mama doesn't want to program the whole computer just for speakers, when the computer isn't worth it anyway, and she does not want to go through the horrors of reprogramming.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh Brandi, maybe if yoor momma tells da library she is looking fur jobbies and all dat dey will let her on fur longer. Hope yoo have an eezier time today. Gif yoor momma snuggles and hedbumpies frum us.

Evil White Cat said...

Hiya Brandi, you is a very pretty kitty :)

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

hmmm...we just had an idea...
do you use a laptop or a desktop computer? (we're wondering if you have the monitor and mouse and keyboard, etc. already)
do you use Mac or Windows?
our Lady builds computers and is wondering...

Tara said...

I'm purring for Monday...meezer energy on it way!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

as far as the speakers go, if you have a set of speakers that plugs in, you'd just need to get another set and plug 'em in the same way - no programming. we do have extras of those. actually, our Lady has a walk-in closet full of computer parts. if our Lady built a computer, do you think it would be safe to ship it across the country? we're trying to think about whether or not this would be possible. she's built lots of 'em (and they run better than store bought ones), but if something happened in shipping, she wouldn't be there to fix it. a "store bought" one could be fixed under warranty, but a custom built one wouldn't have that option. hmmmm...

those optical mousies are very nice. one of the teenagers has one. our Lady has a cordless one and we like to knock it off the desk.

Mungo n Teazer said...

Humph. A course compooper beans tink we kin just buy noo compoopers.We tink dey just hidin da fack dat dey doan know nuttin.

Hoomanmomma aksed wot's wrong with da compooper dat da stoopid bean wants you ta buy a noo one. She not sooper-smart with compoopers but she knows some and might be able to get udder ideas from her brudder.