January 16, 2007


Mama, let's not look at the WeatherBug anymore today! I just saw it go down to 1 degree. Aaakkkk!

Now, when mama sits at the computer, she has a knitted afghan and a flannel afghan wrapped around her legs. Poor mama with out furrs.... I have been snuggling on fleece or on mama all day. Where our computer is is very cold.

She maded a hamm sammich for lunch which she shared. The sun was out this afternoon, at least, but I don't think it did a whole lot of warming. I'd rather stay on (or in) my fleece stuff.

No calls from anyone today. Mama read a lot (thanks, Sue, it keeps her sitting and me on her lap!).

Some of her laundry she did way early is still not dry. Hisssss. Tomorrow, if it's this cold, she will do more laundry, but will drink more coffee, she says. Even if her laundry doesn't dry, she will be warm. Now, remember not to drink any of the caffeinated stuff in the afternoon, mama, or you will not sleep at night. She was good today, and only drank the international coffees with no caffeine and sugar free.

She says it is almost worth the grocery store delivering for an extra fee just to stay out of the cold. What do you guys think? It is only a couple dollars more than cab fare, and you can just order on line.... Let us know what you think. We don't have a lot of money, but willing to try it. More snuggle time!!!

Today she was thinking wouldn't it be nice if somebody started a breakfast delivery? Now that is just plain lazy, I think.... She's thinking omlets and hashbrowns and juice delivered to your door. I think it's just cause we are out of orange juice and milk. Mama, we still have tomato juice! And stuff for breakfast! And we never have hashbrowns at home, anyway.

I am going to catch up on a few blogs if blogger lets me.

Warm thoughts from a cold Minnesnowta,



Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi sweetie! I'm sad you and your mommy are cold. I'm sending you warm snuggle thoughts *blush* gentlekitty like of course.
My mommy thinks grocery delivery is a great idea. It isn't a waste of money to keep yourself warm and out of the ice and wind. For our vote, we say go for it.
Email mommy what your mommy likes to read.
My mommy has a big collection of books people give her (they know she loves to read so when they finish, they give them to her) and she sometimes gets duplicates.
Guess what Sugar Pie, I saw mommy's calendar and it is less than a month until Valentine's Day!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Best wishes to you and your mama from Northern Virginia.


Hot(M)BC said...

I guess it's kind of impossible to drag heavy groceries home on the bus, especially without anyone to help you carry things, so you have to take a cab. Part of life in the city without a car that's a nuisance! With that in mind, if it's really only a dollar or two more it may be worth it to order the groceries online when it's snowing and super cold out. The breakfast delivery service may be asking a bit much tho. (Silly!) hehehe

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

my mama said count her in on breskset delevery she could go for that!!!! She said she always lads up gettteing breskfest on her way to work becuse she just cant get up to make it !!! talk about lazy

Your freind

mu shue

DEBRA said...

Brrr...Brandi yu R havin furry coooolllddd weath-r. Gud fink yu have lots of purrty furrs on yu.

Momma said she fought it wuz a gud idea to have da foods delivered to yu. We don't have anyfink like dat here in Florida. Maybes one day.

We hopes it warms up a bit fur yu today.

Be sweet Miss Brandi.

Mia and Ghost said...

Oh... that is very cold. I think the food delivery is probably good idea - especially if you do most of your shopping at one time. Try to help your Mom keep warm. Oh.. and if your Mom likes mystery books let us know... Mom has tons of them & not enough room for them all. Purrs.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Food delivery is a great idea, especially in the bitter cold weather without a car.

Cabs are very expensive, and when I've used one, they charge extra for packages (grocery bags) and charge while they are parked to be loaded and unloaded.

And getting groceries on a bus? Forget about it.