January 24, 2007


Mama called a company today to speak to a certain person there. When she called, the
receptionist on the phone spoke so fast that a) she couldn't even figure out if she called the right place and had to ask the person to please slow down, several times, b) was told the office was really busy, c) was told the person she asked to speak with was busy, d) was not put through to voice mail, e) was asked her name and phone number and then told the receptionist would email the person, f) was not told approximately how many minutes/hours/days/years it would take to get a reply when she asked. I don't know is not appropriate. He is busy for the rest of the day, or he is out sick, or he is on vacation till... is. Speaking as if you are on drugs is not appropriate. You obviously do not have a foreign accent of any kind, and you sound like you are 12 on helium and speed. Also, mama can email, too.

And beans will hire people like this and not my mama?????

My mama knows this person's email and emailed him herself. She did NOT mention the idiot receptionist. Maybe she should. If he ever gets back to her. (And they hired him???)

Love, headbumpies, and purrs,
and a snuggly kiss for my sweetie,


Lux said...

Here's hoping something amazing will happen soon - amazing and wonderful and unexpected! :::wishing hard for your mama:::

Anonymous said...

I know what ya mean mommy had a similar
situation yesterday on the phone with a
receptionist at a doctor's office.Sometimes mommy wonders how they keep their jobs.

Junior said...

Yep...its' amazing how some people that are less than qualified for a job, get hired for it anyway!

Karen Jo said...

I can't understand how these people get hired and not your Mama, either. I'm still hoping hard for your Mama to get hired soon.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

At the place where our Lady works, there are lots of those type of people. When our Lady asks why the company puts up with them, she's told that you can't expect quality when you pay them only $8-$12 an hour. Well...then why not pay a little more and get better people?

The Meowers from Missouri said...

some beans is just booger-heads. our mom just emailed kodak for support because (as the result of trying several things suggested on their website to do away with an error message she got when she tried to upgrade her easyshare software) she now has NO easyshare software on the home computer at all. she is somewhat peevish. the response she got (signed by "genevieve t."--that means it's a person answering, don't it?) gave her a list of how to open the program she DOESN'T HAVE, and how to try to repair it. i mean, she told them right in the e-mail that the program had been erased. what kinda dummy would tell her to open the missing program and repair it????

must be a cousin of that receptionist. we agrees; pays a little more and get better help!! like we said, some beans is just booger-heads.