January 31, 2007

No heat wave here

Well, maybe a little one. But the temps this weekend are going down a lot! We're talking really bad. So mama and me are staying cuddled up at home. At least I am. I hope she does this weekend.

We applied for two jobbies today. One is in the business mama was in for over 20 years. So she has a lot of experience. One is something new, an admissions coordinator at a local hospital. It is right next door to the bus stop she used when she went home from the school. Gee, in the last two days or so she has applied at two places around the same neighborhood as the old job.

Mama has to go downtown tomorrow and fight to get medical assistance again. Right now, she has none again, and she needs medications. We can't understand why someone can immigrate here and get housing, cars, clothing, food, insurance, and even jobs, and mama, who has been in this state for almost 30 years, can't get any help. Most of the very people she has to see tomorrow can't even speak our language very well. She has nothing against immigrants, her grandparents were. But they had to work hard for everything when they got here, and no one handed them anything. Mama has worked hard, but the immigrants get the assistance that she needs.

Oops, soap box again.

Mama is going to be gone most of the day tomorrow. But one of the nice things is she is going to give some of her blood again. They have been posting ads about being low at the local hospitals again. And even though we have no money to give away, she can still help others this way. The old place was on the street she used to work at. Remember, her old school bought that building, and the blood place moved across the river. But they do have a small location downtown, so she is going there since that's where she will be tomorrow anyway.

Stay warm,
love to my Sweetie,


One of us said...

that is furry nice of your Momma to do. Stay warm Brandi ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Lone Star Purrs said...

We agree wif y'all wholeheartedly 'bout the immigrants!! Momma great-grandbeans were immigrants too, but they hadded to werk for what they gotted. Y'all are atill in owr prayers.
~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy

Justin said...

I hope she gets one job soon. And your Momma is really a nice helpful lady. all the best to her for her good work.

DEBRA said...

Tell yur Momma gud lucks from all of us Brandi!

Abby and da gang

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi sweetie! It is so nice of your mommy to think of others when she has so much going on. She is a nice lady. I think the perfect jobbie will come along soon.

My mommy works at a design firm and proofs the stuff the designers put out. Just this morning she was reading a heart failure info packet and they listed a website for inexpensive medicine & assistance. The packet is designed for a very good hospital in this area so the website (it is national) must be a good one. She wanted to tell you right away.

You stay warm Sugar Pie and keep your mom inside where it is warm as much as you can!

Junior said...

Remind your Mom of the link my Meowm gave her for help with prescriptions! And good luck with the new job applications!

Karen Jo said...

Oh, I really hope your Mama can get one of those jobs near where she used to work. I don't think it's fair that your Mama has to fight to get her medications. That's just not right. Hoorah for your Mama for giving blood.

Karen said...

Just wanted to give you a heads up. Alot of walmarts are doing 4 dollar perscriptions on 300 of the most common ones. You may want to find out if your walmart is doing this.

Tara said...

Good for you mom for thinking of others at a time like this. Many purrs...Tara