February 26, 2006

Hi there, puddies everywhere

My name is Brandi and I am a new kitty on the web. It is about time! My mama has been reading a lot of cat blogs and I keep telling her to let me have one, too! So here I am. Mama rescued me when I was almost a year old from a place that took me from the scary streets. I am around 13-16 something years old (I forget). There was another kitty here when I came to live with her, but she didn't like me. She got sick, not because of me, she got a disease like my mama, and it was very xpensive, so she had to the Rainbow Bridge. Mama was very sad. But mama isn't going to the Rainbow Bridge cause she has medicines that help her and she has something called nsurance.

But it is just me and her now. And I loves my mama. I have my bean pet trained. Sort of.

We live in the Twin Cities, like the kitties on the Little Cat Feet blog.

I am a pretty silver grey cat (mama says), with a white spot between my eyes (which are yellow green) and a white bib and white feet. Does that qualify me for the tucks???

Sanji's mom sent me a prezzie, some nip, a couple of months ago. I gotta get my mama to ask for more! Thank you, Sanji's mom, I know my mama said thanks, but now I can.

Mama says nuff for my first blog. I guess it's nappy time.... It is so good to be out here!!!