April 28, 2010

Busy Week-Wordy Wednesday

Well, Tracie camed over on Tuesday and helped mama shift books and donate some more.  She took them to a thrift shop for mama.
She also helped put some of the stuff back under the kitchen counters.
She always talks so nice to me! And she's coming back on Saturday morning!
Today is supposed to be one of the last really nice days for a while.  Rain is coming! But mama said we need it for the farmers and for the plants, and there have been forest fires up north, so we shouldn't complain. 
Okay.  How's this: More nappy time. Less sunshine, darn it.
Have a good Wednesday efurry one. Mama has a pointment tomorrow afternoon, so she is coming home late.  I hope the rain doesn't get her!
I'm gonna soak up more sunbeams while I can!

April 23, 2010

Gotta Catch Ya Up on the News

 Mama wented out yesterday to run some errands, but halfway done her back hurted again. But do you know what my sweet mama did?  She struggled through Target and gotted me my Dentabites before she went home.
She remembered!
Tracie is not here today.  She is coming Tuesday. She wanted to finish some painting she was doing cause tomorrow it might rain.
Kinda grey today, so mama has been doing some reading and I have been doing some snoozing. She had clam chowder for lunch. Of course I got some! Mmmmmeow.
Mama has decided to put all her pots and pans back in the kitchen, and the toaster and the coffee maker.  She is tired of waiting for the remodel, angry at the management here, and can't see leaving everything bagged up for months.
They are big poops.  They still say I am smelly! They still say mama should throw out all her books! Poops, I tell ya.

April 21, 2010

Wednesday Wordless

purrs & love,

April 18, 2010

Sunday Snoozies

Oh, my! My mama scritchied me to death this morning! Cept I'm still here. :)
She also brushed me cause I'm getting rid of my winter coat. And I gotted my dentabites!
Now I'm exhausted. (any excuse for a nappie)

April 16, 2010

Friday Nappies

Ha, Mama.  I'm faster than you.  NO closeups please!

Today Tracie was here.  Yea! But she moved everything around in my rooms.  The litter box is under the sink.  What happens if I forget in the middle of the night or I'm fuzzy after a nap?
Oh, speaking of naps, nappy Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

zzzzzzzSugar Pie zzzzzzzzzzzzz

April 15, 2010

Thursday News

Mama had to go to the doctors today.  Before she left, one of the tubs fell and broke! She had to scoup stuff up and leave.  She had her mantle clock in there, but she said it was well wrapped up, although it did chime when it fell. If I was a kitty, I would have had a lot of fun, cause she had her "vanity box" in there, and it camed open, and it was filled with earings and hair clips and necklaces and stuff.  But I was a good girl.  Although, the eye shadow was fun....
On the way home she found out one of the locally owned fast food businesses near us was closed due to zoning and licensing problems. They built their own building, it's been open for a couple of years now, and NOW they have zoning problems and licensing problems?? So they lose their income and have to shut down?? They were doing a nice steady business, they gave seniors 50 cent coffee, they were a plus to the neighborhood.  It was also the only place around with strickly an American menu. They own one other place, in St. Paul, that has been around for years.  This is sad for them, in this economy. They spent all that money buying the land and building the place. And i liked their cheezeburgers....
Tomorrow is Friday.  Then the weekend.  Mama is now coughing and sneezing (loudly) cause the pollen in the air is really bad right now.

April 13, 2010

Bad Mama

Mama deleted a bunch of stuff on our sidebars a couple of days ago. Shame on her!  We both hope that everything is back.  If you notice something missing, let us know.  We took the Weather Pixie off because she wasn't working right. That's all mama wanted to do.  But she deleted almost everything, instead. She had to put everything back by memory. Our backup old stuff is pretty old, and we've changed some stuff since then.  Like the ChildHelp no longer runs a badge, so she couldn't put that back. And of course our Cat Blogosphere Member badge does not link to the site again. We had lots of trouble the first time trying to link it!
It thunder boomed last night really late.  It rained this morning. Now the sun is out and it is 67 degrees out.  Purrfect.
One of tomorrow's projects is to get mama to put some more pictures on the computer (and then on here, of course).

April 10, 2010

Sad News

Be free, Magoo. You will live in our hearts till we see you again.

April 9, 2010

Good and bad, good and bad

It is warm and sunny in the partment this morning! Love love love curling up in the sunshine!!
I got sickies this morning (hairball time). No fun.
Tracy is coming today. She's always nice.
Our dear friend Lizzie and her bean have moved.  No more sweet little Lizzie barkies.  We will miss her cheery little barkies when she greeted the grandkiddies or when she came home from walkies.  We will miss her cute little sweater and beret in the winter (french poodle, what else?). Or that we knew she wouldn't wear her little booties, even though they kept her feet warm and dry in the snow. And we will miss her bean.  A gruff sounding old man, yes, but never with Lizzie unless she did something wrong.  With her he was sweet. So you knew the gruffness was not bad, just his voice. He used to have kitties, too, so we liked him, too, just for that.
Good and bad, good and bad.
*sigh* Goodbye my sweet woofie friend!
PS. MAGOO IS ILL AND NEEDS OUR PURRAYERS!!!  KC made a badge for hims:

April 8, 2010

Thursday Sthtuff

Well, mama left me today!  Only for a couple of hours, though.  She had to pick up some medicine.  She said she stopped at Target and couldn't think of a thing to buy!  Dentabites, mama!!! You can always buy Dentabites!!! But her back was hurty, so I forgive her.  Now I am going to make her change clothes so we can cuddle (see, sometimes I am sensitive to her needs. Other times, it's cuddle me NOW, see?).
She said she just saw the manager again and he smiled.  But still no notice when they are ever going to complete our partment!
aparently the hated cat of the building.
But I'm not smelly!!!
and mama Carol, who has that nasty habit of
liking books and reading them more than once.
p.s. We live in a place that is run by the city, but we play $18 less than market rate because mama is on SSDI, so the government can tell us what ever they want about our partment.  Crappity crap!

April 7, 2010

Wednesday- Wordy

We failed our inspection again.  But the manager said he saw a lot of progress, except for the smelly cat.  His assistant said get rid of the books. When she commented about the "stuff" in the pantry, mama pointed out that it was stuff from her cupboards.  And opened her empty cupboards!
Inspection lasted all of five minutes. We have thrown out or given away several pieces of furniture, kitchenware, clothing, our Chrissymouse tree, and about 2000 paperbacks. To us, clutter is not "stuff" in neatly stacked tubs or special pictures and other mementos displayed with love. Clutter is "stuff" laying around loose all over the place. And clutter is NOT books in bookcases!!! And we want the remodel DONE!
Well, we didn't even ask about the kitchen remodel.... At least the manager smiled and even chuckled a bit.... Maybe there is hope.

April 4, 2010