November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Ha. Mommy gotted up early to wash the floor and clean my litterbox and feed me, then she decided to go back to sleep for a while and finish up later.  Then, later she said "I overslept!" and started running around like crazy. For elebenty minutes. Then she sat down finally to say a proper good morning to me. Humans can be so silly!
I understand maintenance is coming today.  So she wanted to be extra tidy.
So I did some nice artwork with my kibble on the floor. Beautiful abstract.  Figured they might appreciate fine art.  You never know. And you  know what my Mommy did? She picked it all up!
You ever have this problem? Does your mommy do this? Do humans just not understand fine art? They were constantly doing this in the shelter.
Tonight she is going away to something she calls Movie Night.  She says she volunteers.  Hmmm.
Tomorrow she is going to go away again to visit her human vet. Yuck! If she has to ride that noisy thing we rode in to get here from the shelter, good luck!
Then I understand she will be mine all weekend.
Hey, did you know big tall furniture is nice to hide under? And showers (when they are dry)? I'm finding lots of hidey holes to nap undisturbed around here. Under the daybed is a natural.
I understand this is Thankful Thursday, so I will say I am just thankful I'm here with my Mommy.  Even if she is crazy sometimes. The foodies are good and the massages are wonderful. How's my new blog design? Ann from Zoolatry did it!  I'm definitely thankful for her! There are very nice humans around here!
Maybe she at least admires abstract art.

November 25, 2012




Mommy got this stupid camera to work, but it makes everyone and everything YELLOWish. But she tries.
So you can't see me as well as you should. I really am beautiful.  But I show up so dark, when she lightens it so you can actually see me, that's when my pretty white furrs turn YELLOW!
This is a little better. But the blue in the blankie I think should be green. I'm not even approaching the fact that the time thing thinks this is 2009. I wasn't even born yet.

But since it is Easy Like Sunday, here is my first:
Then she went and cut off my ear. Well, I am sorta long. I thing the massage this morning was an apology. Have a lovely day!


November 23, 2012

Ta-Da! My New Look (in progress)

We are in the middle  of a blog makeover.  I have my own colors, now, and my own banner.  Now Mommy has to figure out how to make a special brandi page for her and her awards and do this front page more about me. I think she did pretty well with the colors. The banner was from Ann from Zoolatry, who I understand is very very talented. She made my banner very pretty and Quinn-ie.
Anyone have any advise about fixing a brandi page (maybe in her own colors with her own awards and stuff), please speak up. Mommy is not very good at this (although so far I can't complain too much).
Oh, and we will be patient, cause there is something called Black Friday here today, and peoples go and do something called shop.  And they go visit relatives and stuff. To be grateful that they have relatives that they can visit and have green papers they can use to shop with. Since mommy and I have each other and no green papers, we will be at home. 
Mommy said something about now that nooks (???) are finally only $59 today she doesn't have the green papers anyway. And maybe she would rather have a camera that works.
I'll have her work on the stupid one she has.  She dumped all the stuff she uploaded from the how to disc (weird squares and rectangles and the like). Now she has to figure out how to get my pictures on here, or just give the silly camera back to our neighbor.  Was this the reason Mommy has the thing?  It doesn't work? She's beginning to wonder. She said she had no problem with her camera till it broke.
I got breakfast in bed this morning. Maybe, after a nice nap, I will nibble on it some more. Something called Turkey Elegant Medleys or something like that.  It's Fancy Feast, anyway. Yummy!

November 22, 2012

Fank You!

I am thankful for my new Mommy, my new home, and the wonderful massage she gave me this morning! Oh and lots of other things.
Including all of you!

November 20, 2012

Quinn Tuesday

This is for sweet brandi's lovely friend Huffle:
I hope her brother Teddy isn't too lonely. Leaving is hard for those who get left behind.

Mommy says I will get a new header on Friday.  A nice lady named Ann made it for me! It is all mine! Mommy says I will be getting a different "look" on my blog soon.  The pink thing was brandi's. So I wonder what my new look will be.  She doesn't even have the camera figured out yet. Should I be scared???
Oh, yes. If you would like to contribute to us, mommy is really needing help right now with green papers.  The Chip In on the side wasn't working yesterday, but today it seems to be.  We need something called rent monies and  insurance monies and she needs foodie monies. Brandi's passing and mommy's adoption were very expensive. And my foodies are, too.  You maybe can wait on helping her with a shot for me. That doesn't sound nice at all, like home and foods. Just saying. If you can help, bless you! And Angel brandi says "thank you for helping mama and my new sister."

November 19, 2012

Monday Quinn

The lock change thing was SCARY! I wanted to run away and mommy held me really close and tight and hid my ears and everything. Then, when it was done, she said "I have to use seventy leben lint papers just to get the black furrs off my yellow shirt! Good thing I have backup papers!" I was sorry, but she said "I don't care.  I wanted you safe." What a Nice Mommy!
Mommy is worried about green papers.  She had to use lots of them for brandi going over the bridge and then more for me adopting her, and she just put in a foodie order for me (finally, some decent wet food!). She says she doesn't have enough green papers for a whole grocery list, and it's Thanksgiving on Thursday. There are so many auctions and blogs asking for green papers that makes me sad. I told her I can miss my wet foodies for a while, but she said, "No, you need to be healthy". Can anyone help? Human Mommies need help just like the shelter furry ones do.
We are sorry to hear about Huffle, one of brandi's friends, who ran off to the bridge to join her. I didn't even get to know Huffle, but brandi did, and I think she was happy to see a friend.  Now they can be Angels together, watching over us!
Goodbye, sweet Huffle.  Enjoy playing with brandi.  Neither one of you hurt any more. We'll have a nice party when we all meet.

November 18, 2012

Sunday Quinn

Hi! I think I'm getting used to this thing.  My new mommy doesn't have that camera thing figured out yet, so you can't see my interesting face. Or my beautiful shiny furs I work so hard on. I think she is silly. Or not too intelligent.

Groucho gave this blog an award.  I think it should be Angel brandi's award, but it is a good way to get to know me, so I think she won't mind if I take it.

1. I was found by the nice people at Feline Rescue in St. Paul in October and lucky enough to find (thanks for your help, Angel brandi!) my forever home only a month later.
2. My new mommy has a loud sneeze. Well, that's about her.  But the thing with me is the first time I heard it I hid under the bed! I'm getting used to it.  Apparently she does this not cause of her cold (that's gone) but because of her allergies and sinuses. Every once in a while. Talk about a rude awakening during a nice nap!
3. The other night the thing with moving pictures I'm told is a television talked to me. It DID! It called me "here, kitty, kitty, kitty" and I stopped what I was doing and they did it again. I have to maybe pay more attention to this thing when it talks to me.  So far it hasn't done it again,  but you never know!
4.  So far, my new mommy says I don't like people food. I'm not really interested (well, the bit of cheese was okay). The smells don't even interest me.  But open a can of Wellness or Fancy Feast and I AM THERE! And I like my crunchies.
5. Do you have to learn to like Temptations?? Cause I'm not that interested in that, either. My new mommy is shocked (and said what ever is she going to do with her stock of Tempies and Denties).  Maybe it's just being something new.
6. I will not eat anything presented to me with human fingers. My new mommy thinks this is sad.  But apparently Angel brandi was the same when she first arrived. And she grew to love "finger food".
7. The new thing I like is the going to bed at night and the getting up in the morning thing.  My new mommy does scritchies  and cuddles and kissies for me, and I purr and purr.  They are SO nice. I am so lucky!

So if you have anything you would like to tell about you, feel free to take this award.

Tomorrow my mommy said that there will be a scary thing here for a little bit.  They are doing something called "changing the locks" in the building, and she said there might be some noise, but she will protect me or I can go hide.  Or maybe just stick around and do this thing called snoopervise. I have options!

Groucho doesn't have to worry about me.  I don't mind dogs at all.  There are a lot of them in this building, and I like making new friends! I'm a cool kitty.  My mommy says I like to do something called  "chillaxing". That's being cool and that is me!

So dogs and kitties of the blogosphere, HI THERE! (and any others out there).

I think I'm going to like it here.

Send Fancy Feast and I might just love you, too.

November 16, 2012

We Survived

 Again from Carol:
We got to spend our time out of the apartment downstairs Wednesday. Again, no microwave, but a huge floor to ceiling window and some bushes and plants  outside (although they are not doing well in the cold at all) to look at. Quinnie's meows are not too loud, so we didn't bother anyone.  And she curled up and was content for much of the day. Except when people came to say hi to her, and compliment her lovely furs. I think she was a hit.  We had a water fountain and bathrooms, so we were not thirsty.  And the vending machines provided a very surprisingly nice turkey sandwich for me.  Quinn had her own foods, but she wasn't much interested in eating.
The worst part was coming home.  The apartment was so hot Quinn was overheating badly (all that fur) and I wasn't much better.  I spend a good half hour cooling her down with wet towels, and when she felt better I left a cool one on her, and she didn't move for another fifteen minutes, loving the coolness. She's all better. I left three windows open through most of Thursday. Whew! 
We are back to normal now, and Quinn had to wait patiently yesterday twice.  In the afternoon I went out with a friend and then we had movie night last night.  It was the lovely Happy Feet Two.  We had some grandchildren in the audience, which was so nice, and everyone  enjoyed the movie.
I of course have company coming today for a short while and I think we all would be more comfortable downstairs in the commons.  Besides, this place needs a thorough cleaning. And I mean thorough and days.  Fall cleaning? I guess. We don't have a cat tree, but I think Quinn will be on a stack of plastic tubs safe from all the ruckus snoopervising. I have a funny feeling we won't see Traci, either!
Hopefully this weekend I can try again with the stupid camera.  It sure is frustrating. I wish I had my own.
Quinn will be back this weekend. She isn't really used to all this blogging.
Thanks for your patience waiting for pictures.
I'M not patient. Grrrr.

November 13, 2012

A Few Words from Carol

A note from Carol:
We will be off line most of tomorrow, Wednesday. We have to leave because they are doing some insecticide thing on this floor, and it will be intolerable to stay here. Poor Quinn will have to stay in her PTU and will wonder what on earth is going on. I don't have a collar or halter for her as of yet (she is bigger than brandi), so I will not be able to let her out at all. I am wondering what we will do, and I hope it is not the lounge upstairs again. It no longer has anything but a fridge in it and some tables and chairs. No microwave. So while Quinn will have food and we will have water, I don't have anything to make a sandwich with right now for me.  I don't even have peanut butter (well, haven't had that for several months, any way).  But we will come up with something. I've used all the pulled chicken I had made and frozen. Drat. But there's no microwave upstairs anyway. I know that's where we will end up. The lounge, I mean. Not a microwave.
The sun finally came out today, and Quinn got a sun puddle or two. I have been sleeping on and off today with this dratted cold.  She sleeps at the bottom of the bed like brandi did. Right now it she is curled up next to my pillow, since I'm not currently using it. Wish I could figure out the stupid camera I was lent.  I will try again, don't worry.  I want to take Quinnie's pictures! Would you believe not only does she purr for me she likes belly rubs! She is so cute!
So far she doesn't eat people food at all. Except a little cheese.
I am supposed to go to a council meeting tonight. I really don't feel like it. I've not been able to stay awake more than a couple of hours at a time with this cold.  And I don't want anyone else to catch it.
See you all on Thursday. Wish us a good day tomorrow.  Hope Quinn isn't too freaked out.  Brandi was an "old hand" at going to the lounge.
If only they had been doing bug spraying all year we wouldn't all be stuck doing stuff like this. Budgets are budgets, but we didn't REALLY need new paint in the lobby.  Or new locks on all the doors which meant new keys. Or new security badges.  THIS is costing them big time. It's the "if not for the loss of a nail" thing.
Oh, well.  Maybe I SHOULD go to the meeting tonight and speak my mind!
Quinn would say hi, but she's napping, and I think I am going to join her.

November 12, 2012

More from Quinn

My new mommy is maybe partly a kitty in disguise. She has been sleeping a lot. Lots and lots the last day. And making funny noises with white fluttery paper and her nose. That's not like a kitty. She says she doesn't feel good.  I think she feels really good.  Nice and warm cuddles. SHE says she has a cold. I think she has a nice warm. She calls it a temperature.
Anyway about that box thing. Here's what she says:
     I borrowed a camera from a lady down the hall.  It is not the same
     brand as my old one.  She took her memory card out and I put my
     old one in from my old camera. She gave me the disc  to program
     my computer.  I started taking pictures of my Quinny. When I try
     to send the pictures to the computer all I get are different 
     configurations of the brand name of the borrowed camera. Not 
     pictures. They are still hiding in the camera, where they can only
     be seen.  Do I need a completely new memory card or am I
     doing something wrong? I deleted the program twice and started 
     over, and still get nothing but "Vivitar" and no pictures. Is this
     why she lent me the camera?? It doesn't upload to the computer??
Do I know? No, I don't. Do you? I kinda want my cute pictures on here. So that all of you can see my cuteness. And maybe she will stop following me around with the "camera". As much.
Like I said, at least she's nice and warm.  And feeds me treats. Maybe someday I will take them from her fingers, but not just yet.  I will eat them out of her hand. She says that's a start.
Angel brandi doesn't know either.  She just says keep mommy warm and cuddle till she feels better. Okay.
oh, yea, can somebody send some kitty food? I don't like hers. And she says she doesn't have something called green papers to do anything about it for a while.
And, yes, I am micro chipped.  That's to keep me found if I get lost. It's important, now that I have a furever home.

November 11, 2012

To Honor our Veterans!

We are indebted to many  fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, husbands, wives, children, neighbors and fellow citizens who have disrupted their own lives, possibly sacrificing those lives, who have  served their country and defended our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the rights of many others in other countries who lack those rights and need assistance to survive and thrive and enjoy those same rights!
and Quinn
(who seems to purr a lot!)

November 9, 2012


My name is Quinn. I am I girl. One years old, sort of.
I just arrived at my new home TODAY. An angel kitty told me to pick this mommy as mine. She was a nice angel kitty, so I said, OK. If she really needs someone to take care of her.  And the angel kitty said, YES.
My new mommy can't figure out how to get the pictures from this box she keeps putting in front of me into her computer.
LOTS of pictures.
She has tried and tried, but can't figure it out.  She can see my pictures in the box, but can't figure out how to get them HERE.
And I am told I am to tell her what to write on this computer thing.  I hope THIS works. Angel kitty says it will.
I really don't want to go back to the nice shelter just to have my pictures on this silly thing. Maybe go back to visit my friends. Humans AND kitties. Lots of both.
Somebody's got to help my new mommy with this stupid box. Angel kitty says it's not her job, sorry. Well, it's hardly MINE is is? Or is it.
Anyway, my ride here was LOUD.  But this place is nice, I think.  The only rule so far is don't go into this big closet food place. Oh, and stay out of the fridge.
I get nice food and something called Temptations. Mommy just has to learn I will not eat out of human hands. And human food is yucky. Maybe someday.
Anyway, my first thank you to her was purring. Because finally I have something to purr ABOUT. I never purred in the shelter. She was very polite to me when I did, so I have been doing it some more.  She said she loves me. Angel kitty said, SEE?
This is my shelter picture, taken by someone who CAN figure things out.
My name is Quinn
 And Angel kitty (she says her name is Brandi.  Oh, excuse me, her name is brandi) says to say hi to all her friends, and to take care of me.  As if I needed help. Mommy's the one who needs help! I think I have lots of work to do here.  Good thing the scritchies and kissies and foods are really good.
I definitely have the CATITUDE worked out.
Angel kitty will stick around for a little while, but I don't know how long.  She is sweet.  And she says she feels much better now that she has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I know about that place. I heard about it at the nice shelter.  Any way, this is