May 28, 2009

First Day

Mama's first day at Cardio Rehab. She said it wasn't bad. She got a lot of information and then had to walk 6 minutes and that was it for the day. They took her blood pressure before and after. She goes back three times a week for 3 months or less. She also gotted a pointment with the Doctor that put her stents in her, but that isn't for a while yet.
Then she wented to get a cold drink and wented to Target for some stuff. She even bought me some Dentabites. Hooray!
She said the stents that were put in her heart are on the back of the heart, not the front.
She thought it would be warmer today, and it was in the sun, but she turned the air thingy on and shut the windows and it actually got cold in here. I told her off when she camed home. Mama, too cold!

May 26, 2009

Tuesday Stuff

When mama camed home from the bean vets today she threw something at me (well, not at me, really, but that sounds better than "brandi, you got a package" and mama putting it by where I was snoozing). And I sniffed it, and it smelled special, and since I don't have thumbs I made her open it for me right away. And it was from my Sugar Pie, and it was Tartar Control Temptations! No, it's not Dentabites (Mr. Hendrix made his mama go 3 different places to look and she couldn't find any), but they are good, and since they are a little smaller than Dentabites, I think I get more of them. Now isn't my sweetie special? And his mama?
Plus, when my mama was out she did get some Dentabites, so now I have both! Mama is special, too.
We have Dentabites in our Target, but apparently they aren't in all Targets. That is sad.
Mama goes to something called Cardio Rehab Thursday afternoon. But she stays home tomorrow.

May 25, 2009

We remember...

We salute
all the men and women
who have served this country bravely
in times of war and peace
We thank
all the families for
their strong sons and daughters
mothers and fathers
We will never forget...

May 24, 2009

Sunday Smiles


May 21, 2009

Thursday Update

Much better here today. Air thingy gets a break for the next few days. Temperature is no where near 90! Fresh air!
Mama is feeling better, and thinks she may try cleaning the next few days. She was told no for 10 days, and it is past that. I know she wants to sweep the floor (my fur keeps falling everywhere. I can't help it. I'm growing new stuff).
We, of course, eat a lot of chick-hen around here. Mama and I had a baked chick-hen leg for lunch. It has no crunchies on it, just seasoning, so it is better for mama than crunchies or frying or lots of salt. All those she has to watch out for now. She told me there wouldn't be as much hamm around here now, cause it is salty, and she can't "do" much salt. Oh dear. But I guess I will make the sacrifice for her good health. *sigh*
More nappies in the window,

May 20, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

I maded mama turn down the air thingy. Even though it's in the 90's again, too. It just was too cold for me. I am an older kitty and I do love warm toesies. She was sitting on the love seat and I came and sat on her shoulder and stared out at the sun this morning so she would get the hint. All that cold made me hungry, too, so I maded her give me more foodies, too. And made her share her chick-hen sammich at lunch.
Well, okay, she decided it was too cold by herself, and she fed me like she always does, and she always shares her chick-hen. But wouldn't it be nice if she had to?? Cause I said??
What power I would have then! Well, I have it anyway, so there.

May 19, 2009

Tuesday Stuff

Mama wented for her walk today, but it was very warm out. Over 90 degrees! Before she left she turned the air thingy on for me, and remembered to take some water with her. She wented to the library and a lot of children were there. Mama once worked in a children's library years and years ago, and she is always happy when she sees children using the library! One little girl had a huge armload of books to check out, and that reminded mama of when she was a little girl. She loved reading, and had to get her daddy to drive her to the library cause it was in the next town, and he would take her every couple of weeks. Now mama can just walk there.
She ran into some ladies she knows from our building (one was the daughter of one of our neighbors, the one with Lizzie the cute poodle woofie) on the way home.
Mama has a several bean vet pointments next week, so she will get me some more dentabites soon. I still have some left. There is a Target store right by where she catches the bus back to our neighborhood, and they have dentabites.
It is still 91 degrees and the sun is just going down. Whew. Mama decided to leave the air thingy on until it cools down a lot.

May 17, 2009

Sunday Snooze

Whoo hoo. Beautiful day out. Nice sunny day. Snooze snooze.
Mama ordered a bunch of groceries so that she doesn't have to carry them (she has a weight limitation on carrying now). Including foodies and litter for me! They will come tomorrow afternoon. But that place doesn't have dentabites:-(
So she has to go somewhere for dentabites. But then, they don't weigh that much!
Tuesday she goes to the library for her first longer walk. No dentabites in that direction, but I still have a backup bag or two!

May 15, 2009

Friday again

Just a week ago mama wented into the hospital. Now she is at home and doing better. We so appreciate all the good thoughts and purrs from all the bloggers, and of course the attentions of my sweet Sugar Pie. They are all really helping. Last Friday night was so scary, and then I was so worried and alone for days. The manager of our partment building camed in to make sure I had water and foodies (nice bean, huh?). And when mama camed home I was soooo happy.

Today the lectricians camed. My mama already had my harness on, but the nice beans said we didn't have to leave, it wouldn't take long, but it would be very loud. I wented under the bed. But not before one of the beans said, "we like kitty cats", and he sounded really nice. But it was loud, so I stayed under the bed. We now have new ceiling lights in the main room, the pantry and in the bedroom.

Gotta chase down mama again.


May 13, 2009

Mama is home

Mama is home from the bean hospital. She had a heart attack and two stints put in her heart....We will update soon. Right now she is taking things slow, and will be getting some help to move stuff for the lectricians. I yelled at her for several hours when she camed home. She scared me a lot with her really bloody nose which wouldn't stop bleeding, and I sat on her so she would sleep some. I rubbed up against her a lot, too.
Whew. We appreaciate the kind words and good thoughts and purrayers. They help.
Back soon.

May 8, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Hi! Mama camed back from her trip exactly right. It just started to sprinkle when she got off the bus on the corner. Yea!
Her bus broked this morning and she had only gone a block, so even though it finally fixed itself, she missed all the rest of her connections and had to take a cab from downtown to the bean vet.
And get this: it was one of the hybrid busses. She normally likes these busses (they are earth friendly "green") but was not happy today with going "green" cause it meant lots of green papers, too...
Anyway, she got lots of pictures of her knees and ankles (silly. I'm prettier) and the nice bean vet gaved her a shot in one knee (yuck, but she says it feels better now), and a new ankle brace to wear (where she broked it a few years back it now has arthur-itis in it too). and just as she got to the bus stop, the bus camed! And she only had a little wait for another bus, and then had to transfer to another bus, and then she stopped at the pharmacy on the way home to get her prescriptions filled (pain meds and then her usual insulin pens), and then she waited again for another bus and finally made it home before it started raining a lot.
Whew. Talk about runon sentences!
Then she founded out that the lectricians are coming next week!
Mama, I am in your lap for the entire evening and tomorrow. Oh, wait. We have to move furniture for the lectricians.

May 7, 2009

Thursday Sthuff

Mama has been on this computer today a lot. I think she knows that I purrfurr the bed in the afternoons (that is, if she doesn't let me share lunch or give me dentabites) cause I can stretch out or curl up as I please anywhere I please. That way she can use my chair to type. But as soon as she gets to my blog, here I am, snoopervising!
She was doing silly stuff like looking up the bus routes for her bean Vet visit tomorrow. Three busses, she says. Three! So stay home, mom. Oh, guess you gotta go, huh.
Forgot to tell you that she walks to the library and back, and it is getting really hurtie to do, and that is one reason she has to go to the bean Vet.
So that's the news. Oh yeah, the beans were working in our hallway this morning, and it was kinda noisy, but I don't mind if they aren't coming in here to do the noisy stuff.
And the windows are open all the time now, unless it rains!
love and good thoughts,

May 6, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Yesterday afternoon after it stopped thundering outside (not a lot of rain, it was mostly noisy from some where else in the cities), mama said she was going to the library and took her books with her. But mama didn't come back for hours and hours and hours.
When she camed back she was reminded that there was a portant meeting of the resident council. They had lections. So it was a long meeting.
When mama finally gotted into the partment, and sat down, I sat down on her and told her not to move.
They gotted an update on the remodeling, too. Next come the lectricians to change all the plug thingies and I think they are putting in new lights.
Friday mama has to go to the doctor about her arther-itis. It is getting a little more hurtie for her.
That's the news from here.