March 26, 2009


Mama has been busy this week with doctor appointments and stuff. So she hasn't had time to type for me.
We will get back to normal shortly.

March 20, 2009

Grey Day

Snow. It melted this afternoon though. And grey all day. This afternoon I stretched out on mama for a nice nappie. Or two or four.

Not so exciting. Mama goes to the diabetes clinic Tuesday. And Thursday to another doctor to fill out forms and stuff.

We're just hanging out this weekend.

March 17, 2009

Happy St Paddy's Day

To all the drinking Irish on St. Paddy's Day:
Better to kiss the Blarney Stone and lie well to your boss
Than go in tomorrow and have him be cross.

March 16, 2009


Right now it is 64 degrees out and beautiful! Windows open!!

Mama haded to go to the bean vet today, and she just wore a jacket. She was cold on the way there, but on the way back she said it was lovely.

She didn't get me any dentabites, but she did share her lunch with me when she got home.

Her next insurants papers wented through today, too, so we will be able to pay bills and pay the rent and stuff. Mama wented ahead today and got some medicines she needed.

Fraxie and Maxie kinda like new "Gwennie Bear".

Oh, and mama saw the old movie "Bell Book and Candle" this weekend, and there was a beautiful cat in it called Piwacket. And the leading man person was Jimmy Stewart and in the movie he said his birthday was March 12, just like my mama. I thought the cat gave a remarkable performance and was elegant and very smart and had a beautiful voice and lovely purr, and I gave Piwacket a definite thumbs up! This cat made the whole show worth watching. Piwacket even gets the very last scene in the movie!


March 12, 2009

My mama's Day

Today was mama's burfday. She is old. Sorry, but that's the troof!

She wented out with one of her friends and brought back a couple of tote boxes for putting stuff in from our cupboards when we have to for the remodeling.

And she brought me new kitty litter stuff.

And she brought herself a teddy bear. She named it Gwennie Bear.

AND she brought me Temptation Dentabites!!!!!

Awesome. Go way next time and buy me MORE!! I will definitely purr!


March 9, 2009

Monday Stuff

It got chilly in here this afternoon. What??? Okay for me, even though the sun wasn't out, but mama kept wanting to hug me and say, ooh are you warm!

Sometimes that's worse than the camera. Yikes! Interupt my nappies, will you?

My mama did get some new linkies done today. Check em out! More work coming...


March 4, 2009

Oh oh news

They are going to be updating apartments starting this month. Each apartment will take at least 3 days. Pets are to be removed for their safety. I get to spend 3 days in my carrier!! Mama does not have enough money to put me up somewhere, so yuck! All day for each day I will be in my carrier! The closets get redone, we get new smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alerts and sprinklers in the ceiling (we don't have the sprinklers now), and our own private fire horn (yuck!!), new doors, including into the sleeping area (we live in a studio!), new kitchen cabinets, a new sink in the kitchen and new countertops and stoves, new outlets all over, new radiator covers, new toilets and sinks and medicine cabinets in the bathroom, new window coverings, and probably more stuff. Whew! And every day I have to be out of here in my carrier (we have two, one is cloth stuff I usually get taken in when we have to go out to the vet or when we moved here cause the carrier is usually on my mama's lap, and I can feel it, and one of those larger plastic ones which mama told me she will put me cause it has more room for me). We get to come back in the evenings.

Like I said, oh oh news. Wish we could both go to a hotel or something.

And where will mama put everything she has in the closets?? And cabinets??

Not happy. Even though the partment will look nice afters, not happy.


ps. We are adding some more linkies soon. Stay tuned. We want to get stuff updated before we have to disconnect everything....

March 3, 2009

Tuesday Update

Mama's heart is fine (see, told ya). But now she has a cold, so I am snuggling with her and playing nursie again.

She has a meeting to go to for our building tomorrow. It is news on how they are going to update and remodel our kitchens and other things going on like security and our pest control and stuff.