February 29, 2012

Midwest Storms

That's right. It snowed and it rained and it snizzled overnight!
Shaggy. Scooby and Scout, this is what your mommy and daddy are missing out on!
Lovely sloppy, slippery crap!
Fine time for them to go to Arizona. Or anywhere warm!
We need cuddles and blankies!
Come over to my house.  We've got both!
Open invitation for anyone who woked up to this.

February 28, 2012

Toesie Tuesday

Mommy gotted all of them!

February 26, 2012

Snoozy Sunday

We is sad the CatBlogosphere has a sick.
We hopes it gets better soon.

February 25, 2012

Saturday Greetings

Mommy!It's cold and dark and SNOWING out! Could you move my blankie over here???
Nommm! I think this is better than blankies!
Have a wonderful Saturday, all!
May you get your own Denties!

ps. Our Security package says there is an attack by Fake App Attack on our site and cuts us out of the Cat Blogosphere. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions??

February 22, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Okay, here's the news:
Mama had hamm this week and I got some. Yea!!!!!!
She wented downtown yesterday, and bought something called puppy pads. Puppy???
She wented to her meeting last night and camed home later than usual. She said she was caught by the president of the resident council and he likes to talk and talk and talk and talk.
She finally yawned (impolitely, I might add) several times and said she had to get upstairs and get some sleep. Rude for humans? Yes. The only way to escape this talker? Yup.
She founded out that someone else is going to be making the snacks for the movies, and they are having real popcorn like in the theatre. She doesn't have to worry about it!
She also volunteered to give two matinees a month for foreign films since there are so many cultures and languages in the building.
And today is annual inspection day. Hope we do okay.
That's the news.  Oh, yea. She's having problems with one of her hearing aids, and will probably have to take it to the clinic soon.
I hope efurryone has a nice Ash Wednesday. What are your beans giving up for Lent? Anything?
Just make sure that they don't volunteer to give your treats up! Not fair!

February 20, 2012

One for Catitude

I did it this morning.  I camed up to mama and I cried.  I meowed like I was a starving waif (well, whatever that is, it's gotta be hungry). I pleaded like I was miserable, I was so unhappy....Mama gotted up. checked my water (had some) checked my foodies (had some), gave me denties (really wanted some) and wented back to bed.   Only she couldn't get back to sleep, so she gotted up. Now I have the bed.
I didn't want her to miss out on seeing the sunrise. Later on. Did I?
Score one for Catitude!

February 16, 2012

Thursday Sthuff

It is sunny again.  Yea!
This could almost be wordless Thursday, huh?

February 15, 2012

Wordy Sunny Wednesday!

That's right! Sun puddles today.  Had to get mommy up early so that I could enjoy!
Last night she wented to a meeting, and found out that the council was thinking of opening up movie night to other buildings and offering one matinee a month. Mama would be busy! She asked for green stuff to buy snacks for the movies, and they said they would ask beans to donate them.  Mama said that won't go over very well. She thinks she'll end up making lots and lots of popcorn if anything.
She was also asked if she wanted to go to some government area meetings, but she really doesn't want to.  Occasionally going to an agenda meeting (like last night) and having to go to the regular resident council meeting every month (she now does the sound set up for them) even if she doesn't feel like it she thinks is enough.
The community is having a diversity dinner on March 3.  Mama said she would probably go.  She laughed when she added, she doesn't have to do the sound for it.  But knowing mama, she will be involved somehow. She said it sounded interesting. Irish, Polish, Louisiana buyoo, German, Greek, Ethiopian and other beans will be represented. They are even serving beans. **shudder** Cannibals!
Tomorrow night's movie is the Cinncinnati Kid. Then comes Crazy Heart. Then a whole bunch of classic movies.  Like with Humphrey Bogart and Jimmy Stewart and Audrey Hepburn.  I sort of like Humphrey.  He reminds me of Bogart, the airdale of To Aire is Devine! Yes, a woofie.  But he does have kitty siblings at home. So there. One of the nice woofies! Like Mr Pip and  Khyra.
Our neighborhood has a parade every June. So the council was starting plans for being in the parade. Last year's parade was rained out. It goes by our building, but on the other side. I can usually hear the bands playing, though. Missed them last year!
They also said they have to think soon about the community garden this spring.  Hey, this is a happening neighborhood! To think we live in a big city! Nothing like that at the old place!
That's the wordy news for Wednesday.  Me? I'm gonna hang on to those sun puddles today!

February 14, 2012



February 11, 2012

Saturday Sunny

Oh, my, the sunbeams are out again!  It is so lovely this morning! Mom found the bestest picture!
Maybe all those pictures she's taken aren't all bad.

February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for the sun this morning!
I am thankful that lots of beans and furry ones are getting better.
I am thankful that I get the bed all to myself all day long.
I am thankful for my denties.
And my foodies and water.
And all my blankies.
And my nice home.
And even my mom.
Sort of.
Now that the camera doesn't work.

February 6, 2012

Monday, Monday

Today the sun is out!!!!!  Sun puddles abound!  I've had enough of the foggy gray stuff.  YEA! That's the best pressie today has brought!
We bring you (since we have no working camera) an old picture to celebrate:
Not one but two blankies and a sun puddle!


February 5, 2012

Sunday Snooze

Cloudy, foggy, gray, yucky.  Just right for a snooze!
(Still recouperating from my reception). 
Come over and join me,  There's still some leftovers!
And lots of blankies. 
And yes, one of the last pictures in the camera that got uploaded.

February 2, 2012

It's HERE!

This is my 1000th post.  How about that!  I started posting on Febrewary 26, 2006.  Six years ago!
So many things have happened along the way.  Times have certainly changed!
To think I used to call efurryone puddies.  Oh, my. Kitties, I am so embarassed about that one.
In the beginning we didn't have a camera, and you all waited very patiently.  Actually, one of you sent me a used camera.  Mom wasn't very good with it, of course.  But at least you sorta saw what I looked like.
And all the friends we made who helped us when things were tuff.  You'll never know how much your kindness meant to our very survival!  Mama at times was scared to death, and I hated to see her that way.
But all of that has passed.  We have tried to pass on the kindness as much as we can. 
We live in a new place which is 1000 times better than that old one. After two stressful jobs (one, yes, she loved) I no longer have to send her off every morning. She's much better because of that.  But that isn't to say there hasn't been some more scary times (I'm thinking of when her heart was attacked and all those frustrations with health insurants). And now  mom is still counting every cent we have. Which means, probably, no camera for a while.  No hamm pizzas. No new blankies (as if I ever needed more of those!). Being behind in bills. No dentist for mom.  But I hear that that is what a lot of you go through during these silly times.
But that doesn't mean I won't be holding an all day reception, today. 
And kitties (and woofie friends) that doesn't mean there won't be lots of foods and blankies around.  We gots niptinis, kittymilk, hamm, turkey, shrimpies, kitty treats and woofie treats, tuna, salmon (one of my favs), roast beast, wonderful woofie cookies (I hear they are amazing), chicken, and oh, my, lots of other stuff.  We have mousies and feavers and balls to play with.  And lots of blankies for fur piles!
I am so sorry we don't have any sunpuddles today.  We woke up to no color.  Totally white.  Fog like you kitties in the UK get (mom remembers)! But it is nice in here. And I am sorry I don't have animal tv like some of you, but even if I did, you could'nt watch today!
So come on by.
Oh, and before I forget to say, there will be a memorial set up in my room for all the kitties and woofies that have gone over the bridge, and you can say your purrayers for the ones that are currently ill. Anyone who wants to get together and think good thoughts for those in need, you are welcome, too.
Thank you so much for being here. If mom had a phone to take your pictures, she would, but our phone doesn't work that way. But you can put your pawmark on my guest book!
Oh, and thank Zoolatry for our beautiful picture today! Ann, we adore you.
love and smooches,

February 1, 2012

Almost Here!

I know efurrybody is waiting to hear what the celebration is.  Well, it's tomorrow!
I know.  I know.  That's cheating.
What is it? Something I have been working on since I began to blog.
Of course all the neat new pics mom took are still in the camera which is broke again. Sorry.  Really.  I suffered through them all. The least thing that stupid camera should have done is wait till the pictures got on the computer before breaking down. And, no it's not the batteries.  A part keeps breaking off and super glue isn't very good for holding it on apparently.
Anyway, Thanks for hanging in here.  Maybe it's only a big celebration for me only, but hey, us old girls gotta celebrate something besides still being here.  And don't even mention birthdays!
So that's your hint.
Yesterday mama was gone, and today Traci was here. And mama is teasing me with the crock pot again. And the fog is really dense this morning.  We were living in the middle of a cloud for quite a while.
See ya tomorrow.