January 31, 2016



January 29, 2016

Not so Frigid Friday

Hello! It's not below zero today! Actually the weather is getting warmer, which usually means s**w.
 Most of the special projects Mommy was working on are done (like fixing the puter and stuff). But there is one that is a secret and is an ongoing project, so if she ever finishes it (lebenty years from now) we will let you know. And if it fails, you are out of luck. No sharing!
How's that for intrigue!
Anyway, it seems to be a grey day but they are saying something about that dirty word (s**w) maybe next week. Well, great MOUSES as Nissy would have said and Seville probably does. We still haven't had lots of snow this year. "And this is Minnesnowda, don't cha know". We hope the east coast slams are on their way out!
Yes there are some boring projects around here, but that's like laundry and cleaning and stuff, and you'd probably be as bored as I am when your own peeps attempt them, right?
There is a mysterious noise here today. Only it's not mysterious really. It's the screens confronting the winds blowing around here. I would have said waffling, but that would make all the girl kitties (except maybe Katie) sigh and forget everything but that certain orange cat that lives a short way off from us. The wind is going through the tiny holes in the screens and making noise. And the screens are shaking  and making noise. There!
Oh, yeah, Mommy's Kindle got broke ( I didn't do it, either!) and she decided to look and see if she could afford to get it fixed or get another (not a chance, they usually are very expensive, but Mommy likes to look). Well, she's only got half of the grocery list purchased, so she thought she would sigh over the fancy Kindles. And maybe if Amazon fixed stuff like that maybe we could afford that.
She spoke to the Tech department who got her a very nice deal on a slight upgrade to the one she broke.  Not the lit screen or the emails or fancy stuff that acts like a small tablet, either.  The Tech department added free two day shipping (and we aren't Prime members) too! And "tech" was a lovely man from Chicago. Price is a little over what it costs to order a pizza to be delivered (waaaaaaahhhh, no pizza delivery for at least another month). Helpppppppp!!!!!!!!
Now if we could just afford the rest of the groceries (MOL)!!!
That about sums up things around here.
love ya,

January 26, 2016

Tuxie Tuesday with ME

Hi, all! Happy Tuxie Tuesday!
It IS snowing here, but not nearly as much as on the east coast. We hope you all are staying warm and cozy. Please be careful when your humans go out to shovel 80 million tons of snow. Watch that they don't over-do it, and make sure you cuddle them when they come in so they warm up faster. We here in Minnesota have been around blizzards before, so we understand these things. And if those silly humans try to drive--well, pay attention to what the newsbeans say about emergency supplies for the car. Your dinner may be delayed, but your family will arrive!
We had a bad virus. I mean the puter did. All sorts of crazy things started happening, so Mommy backdated the history or something. That took forever, but we are back and running. Whew. It was turning off, not letting us on the internets or simply booting us off, not letting us open mail or read anything without booting us out in the middle of something Mommy was reading. There was no sound, and when there was it was bits and pieces of what sounded like radio programs! Mommy tried to watch a movie and it stopped and then only gave the sound and no picture. How do you enjoy a foreign film when only the bottom of the captions work? Even off the internets it was being a bad sick puter. BUT after many hours, we are up and running. There was no bad language. There was only Mommy's complete determination that things would get back to normal. And a few diet Cokes.
So today the puter is healthy again (we think).
I got up really early this morning to jump on my chair and watch outside, but I had to wait for sunrise(!). Even though I now have a cat tree I only now started sitting on it and never on the top! So the chair is the best option right now.  Besides, the tree makes steps for me to come down off the chair. Cool!
I had extra time on the back of the chair (it has a chenille throw, which is surprisingly warm) and then my Mommy took me off it to cuddle. She said I lasted a whole 20 minutes half on the arm of the chair and half on her. Well, she does these awesome massages!
Then I climbed back on the top of the chair and it was snowing. Hrrumff! Not worth looking at.
One picture on here is on the chair without my chenille throw.
The one at the top of the chair shows there is nothing to look outside at besides snow. And there's no throw!
love ya

January 20, 2016

Wordy Wednesday Again

Hmmm. I think Mommy is crabby now. There is something she wants the computer to do and it won't. So she called and left a message with someone who knows stuff and they haven't called back all day yesterday and nothing today yet. At least she only tried for an hour Monday night and wasn't up all night long saying bad words kitties shouldn't hear. She did change the sounds the computer makes, though, and they are pretty. And our mail box edge has snowflakes in stead of Christmas bells. I just wish she would work on my blog!
We have been very cold here in Minnesota. VERY cold. But so far we are nice and warm inside. This afternoon I am planning a little snooze in my SleepyPod. Or a lot of snoozes. And we all like our snoozes, right?
So maybe Mommy will figure out the stuff on the computer. I hope so.
Stay warm everyone. Sometimes I do wish I was a lap cat for more than 2 minutes (that's 2 minutes Mommy's time). Instant warm!
Mommy's grumbling about only having chicken and fish in the freezer. That's a problem? I don't think so Mommy. Just don't do that poked chicken in the crock pot. Or pulled. Or whatever it is.  It is much too spicy!
Haven't done the biopsy yet. Mommy's trying to get up the nerve.
Love ya,

January 13, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

You know those interesting Spams that are way not for you (or little eyes)? We were just offered a new roof (on our apartment building???). And low cost Viagra we don't need (wrong gender).  And messages from nasty women who want WHAT ( we are girls and not interested in that stuff)??? And half a million dollars from some guy in Africa. And the chance to go to college or get our GED (I'm not going to school. I am a cat, and already wise. And Mommy sure isn't going back for another degree). And cheap plane fair to some island (now that might not be bad considering how COLD it is here in Minnesota). And new tires (for our non-existent car).  And a special price for an oil change (what do they think we are??) And life insurance. And health insurance.  It's like that junk mail we still get in our regular mail box downstairs. Mommy brings the mail up and starts dumping stuff in the recycle basket. Sort of like that little dumpster in our e-mail account that just got rid of the internet junk mail.
Hey, this is Wordy Wednesday! I can be grumpy if I want to!!
love ya,

January 12, 2016

We'reHaving a Cold Wave

Whew! It is very cold here! And we don't mean 40 degrees Fahrenheit, either. We mean 0! And wind chills up to minus 30! Yesterday we couldn't even get on the internets and we figured that was why.
Never fear, the tv worked. MOL
Mommy had two appointments yesterday, and received word that she has to go for something called an MRI. And that she has a mass thingy on her leg and the doctors aren't sure if it is okay or is not okay. Please, please, pray hard for my Mommy, send purrs and kind thoughts, what ever you can do. Her eyes are doing better, but this mass thingy is very scary.
Even though it is very cold our partment is comfy. I sometimes let Mommy sit in my chair when she watches tv. I sometimes curl up in my sleepy pod at night which is right next to my chair. More often than not she gets the office chair and I get my chair.
She says I'm spoiled.
Ha! Cats just rule the world! WE know that, don't we?
love ya,
yes, okay, Mommy

January 6, 2016

The New Year is Here!

I know. We sort of slipped away again. Mommy is once again having medical problems. Monday she went in for her second time with the needles in her eyes. This time she could barely see all evening, too. But apparently it is helping her eyes and she doesn't have to go back for two months. For the retinopathy department, any way. This is attempting to save her eyesight, and she is responding well so far.
Tomorrow comes a scary appointment at the hospital, where they will determine if she has a blood clot or what's called a mass. Both are scary, scary, scary, friends. Please pray and/or send good thoughts our way.
Mommy and I watched kung fu movies on New Year's Eve. And Asian cop movies. May sound kind of a weird celebration, but we both like both kinds of movies. Particularly when the star is Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, or other fine martial artists. And they can act AND fight. I particularly like it when they fight with the long sticks....
Tell Jackie Chan I would like to meet him. And Mommy would love to. We're serious! We can't go to China (even though we can't afford it any way) because they don't like disabled people there, and don't accommodate for them. He lives part time in Hong Kong and part time in LA California and at various other places where he needs to be. He makes Mommy smile and laugh especially when she is kinda down. Even I think he is handsome. He acts, he does martial arts, he does comedy, he sings, directs, writes, edits.... Well, the list goes on and on.

See? He's a good guy! This is from The Spy Next Door!
Mommy is once again feeling the crunch with the green papers. At least it's not because she spent a lot at Christmastime, like lots of other people! But she's once again running out of food....
Any way, we don't make New Year's Resolutions here, just good wishes for the year for all.
Love ya,