February 10, 2010

Update again

Still a delay on the last of the rehab and mama and I are getting really sick of this. She has  doctor appointments tomorrow afternoon, and believe it or not, we are supposed to have our annual inspection on Friday.  Still messed up, still living squished, and even though everything exposed is clean, we will not pass inspection.  It won't be our fault. But still, they could wait till we are done.  Mama is going to tell them tomorrow that when the rehab is done, within 1 week we will have everything back to normal. Hope that does something. We have a new cleaner/organizer, and she even said we can't do a lot of cleaning or sorting until things are back in place.
She did take one look at our pantry (still doorless) and spent a little time on it, and it is wonderful.  Can't wait till she can help with the rest of the place.
The living room has room for the office chair in the middle. It is surrounded by furniture. The bedroom, my bedroom, well, I am the only one who can reach my footstool and bed.  We have at least 7 tubs and trashbags full of kitchen stuff, alone. 
Like I said, we are getting really sick of this.
ps. the good news is our building is going to have cards for the laundry.  No more hunting for quarters. Mama can just add money to the laundry card with her debit card.  Cool. That alone was worth her going to the residents meeting last night.

February 5, 2010

We're still here

I know we haven't been  blogging much, but lots has not gone on here.  I mean there is a delay in the remodel and we are what my mom calls living out of a suitcase. Everything is squished together. So I am sitting right by mama and making her do this. 
Mama put a fleecy blankie on the daybed, and it is very nice for naps. She has had some doctors appointments and stuff. And we have a new cleaner-declutterer coming. We are both healthy right now and what else.  Oh, we won some awards but mama isn't spending much time on line, so they will be posted soon. Thank you to those who gave us the awards.  We haven't forgotten.
love to all,
ps. Check out my Sweetie's new blog look. He's very talented.