December 25, 2008


Merry Chrismouse, all!
We will be back in a few days, when mama comes home from the hospital.
(did you know lady beans can get lady gardenectomies?)

We gotted our pressie from my Sugar Pie! I gotted two whole cans of Fancy Feast eated already! And a lambie. And Cosmic Catnip. And more foodies and a book to read with mama, and towels, and a memo pad for mama, and, and, did I mention my new lambie? It has catnip in it!!!

We have pictures, but it will be a while. Mama has to get up at 3 in the morning ....

Hope you all had a good holiday!


December 23, 2008

Tuesday News

Mama had to go out today to the clinic to pick up some more pills (she takes lots of them), these to take before her surgery. So she also picked up some foodies for her, easy stuff to make when she gets home again. Then she founded out that she might have to stay more than 1 night at the bean vet place, and she was told to "pack a bag". If I can, I am going to sneeaaak into that bag!!

We have this from last year: These angels stay on top of one of our bookcases all year round to watch over us.

Tomorrow is CHRISSYMOUSE EVE! That means SHRIMPIES!! (Max is welcome to share, by the way, cause we know shrimpies is one of Max's favorite things, and it IS Chrissymouse).

Mama says my sweetie might not get his pressie til Saturday. Hang on, Sweetie. It's jingling its way to you as fast as it can!!! We gots my pressie, but mama won't let me at it till tomorrow.


Oh, well. Only one more day!!!



click on the above, it's from I can haz cheezburger, and we love the music, too!

p.s. please press the Kindness Movement sign at the right and you will find out all about the Kindness Movement. Pretty cool. For all year round! And don't forget to play the meditation chimes. And feed the kitties and doggies, too. Such a lot of clicking to do!!! But it's all worth it!!!


December 21, 2008


Ok, yeah, it's Sunday again. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wait! That means Chrissymouse is ALMOST HERE!

Yippiee! And mama has updated our linkies! Yippiee!


oh, wait. mama will be going to the bean vet place on Friday for her operation. And not come home til maybe Saturday.... that's a lonngg time!! Maybe Chrissymouse can wait a while??? Oh, I guess not, huh. Too many are waiting for it and Santy Paws.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

December 20, 2008

Let It Snow

Snow Alert for Minneapolis:

Zee shower (as close as I am going to get to " cold stuff"--after all, this is cold enough on the toesies!)


and yes, little woofie Lizzie has booties for the snow, and she wore them today! And her hat and her little coat!

p.s. play the zen chimes for some relaxation time! Sooo needed any time. It's pretty!

December 15, 2008


I am sooo glad mama stayed home today. It was below zero today! It's supposed to be very cold all week. She changed her pointment to Wednesday. Hopefully they will get ice off the sidewalks by then, and maybe it will get a tiny bit warmer.

Mama's lived here for more than half her long long long

*ahem. Santa's coming*

I mean, mama's lived here for more than half her life. That better, mama?

*could be better, but, yes*

Anyway, mama has lived here a while and she knows how to dress for the weather.

I hear something about cleaning again tomorrow.... do the litter box, too, mama, when you clean your bean litter box room, and I guess I won't complain too much.

*of course, brandi. That's one of the reasons I have to clean....litter on the floor.*


Gotta go.


December 14, 2008

Snow is Coming Again

Yup. Some kind of storm is coming. And mama has to get up very very early tomorrow to go to a doctor's appointment. She sure hopes the doctor makes it in. It's going to be very cold tomorrow and snowy.

The appointment is to poke and prod her and make sure she is okay for her surgery. Better her than me. But since she has taken time off, she has been better. Her blood pressure is much lower, and her diabetes is better. Woo-hoo. My nursey skills are wonderful, huh!

And we had turkey for lunch today. Mama shared :-p


late update: we are cancelling the appointment Monday cause of the snow and the ice and stuff on the sidewalks. We're gonna reschedule. It is crappy out there! We can't see much, and have heard of lots of bad accidents.

December 7, 2008

Snowy Day

And this is what we do on snowy days:

December 5, 2008

Bad News and Good News.

We have some bad news and some good news about one of our neighbors:

Recently little Davy, the little black and white woofie, passed over the Bridge. He was only 4 years old and had heart problems. Shortly after Davy left, his bean wented out to a rescue place and got a new doggie, Lizzie, and mama met her today. Lizzie was on her way out for a walk with her new bean, and she had a little sweater on and a hat. She is a cute toy poodle, just a puppy, and very glad to have a new forever home. The bean just couldn't be alone without a woofie, so he didn't replace Davy, he just let another woofie melt his heart.... So sweet! Lizzie is already spoiled! But she won't wear her little booties to keep her pawsies warm outside.

So that's my bad and good news for the day. Davy passed over the Bridge, but Lizzie founded a forever home.

I am an indoor cat, so I only spent maybe one winter out in the cold snow whened I was little. Then I got rescued and then mama camed along. She just had a cat who had passed over the Bridge, and wasn't really looking for a new cat yet, but when I saw her at the PetSmart, I knew she was mine and I warmed mama's heart and she tooked me home. And now we gots a really nice partment and we have each other.

But sometimes I wonder about my old friend Mr. Squirrel from our old place....

We live too high up for me to see the squirrels. Just birdies flying by.

December 4, 2008

Another Quiet Day

Just another quiet day. Cloudy and cold out, but we are nice and comfy here. Last winter we were really tropical in here, and mama ran fans. They got the heatie thing worked out so far this winter, and it is comfy. Consider that before we froze every winter where we used to live!

My sweetie, we HAVE bought your chrissymouse pressie, and all we have to do is mail it. Or them. Or whatever. So you ARE getting a pressie from us.

We are still working on the paperwork for family leave for us.

Tomorrow we have to resign the lease again. They do the official signing in October or November. Mama had to do it twice last year. Once when we moved in in August, and then again in October.

And she got ANOTHER mop.




December 2, 2008

Tuesday News

Here we are again... Nice sunbeams today. I sat on mama a lot. When she woke up this morning I was curled up right by her. I like having her here! She also shares her lunch....

At mama's jobbie they are not sure about the medical leave. Her boss wants to terminate her, instead. But that would mean she would apply for medical assistance, and not even have to change insurance. They would have to pay all of the insurance and her co-pays would be less. And she would only have to go one floor up in her building to do it.

It would be tough, but we have gone through that before and survived. She wants to redesign our bloggie like Parker did, but now we can't afford it. Until they decide at her work.

Anyway, she is relaxing a lot, and doing a lot of reading, and trying to catch up on my blog--she hadn't changed blog names or anything for quite a while, so she did that this last weekend. See our list of bloggies has mostly been corrected! Still need to update for new bloggies, though. We will do that soon.

She is also cleaning and stuff. She washed the floors twice this week and it's only Tuesday! And she takes walks in the cold. She likes cold. Beans!!


ps. Thank goodness we already got my sweetie's presents bought!