June 30, 2006

Friday is HOT

No, I'm not saying lots of fun hot. I mean yucky hot. Mama has turned up the fan by the computer. That's all she can do. I'm stayin in the bathtub!!! The ceramic is cool if I move around every so often. 88. What happens if it gets in the 90's???

Supposed to storm. Ha!

Hope everyone is staying comfortable. Me, I'm in the bathtub taking lots of naps. Well, my water and my litter box are in here, so it's perfect for a lazy day.

June 28, 2006

Update on Mama's job

Okay. The update is that there is no news. Mama called the bank today to inquire, and the ladybean said they would make a decision next Monday who to call back for another interview.
The last two days there have been no new jobs to apply for. Mama thinks that's because of the holiday coming up.

That's it.

No one else has called her this week....

Except this bean named Jerry....... He has a woofie named Abby. Hmmm.

No Hamm today. And, yes, mama remembers the silly song too, about the land of sky blue waters, and Hamm the beer enchanting. I want to know whats a beer enchanting and why does it enchant.

Beans again. Is this like the happy lions????

June 26, 2006

Monday, Monday...

Lots of nappies today! It is very nice out today. Birdies have been singing, Mr. Squirrel and his pal Chitterer have been out and about, and visiting. There were firework boomies AGAIN last night, but they were farther away. The theater which used to be fairly close to us build by the river downtown, and they celebrated the new opening.

Didn't see any lions this weekend. :-(

Mama shared hamm with me for lunchies!

I love my mama even when she doesn't share hamm.

June 25, 2006

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Hi, efurryone!

No thunderboomies at all this weekend. Rain, but no thunderboomies! Although last night there was firework boomies. They had something called Gay Pride Weekend here. Prides are lions, right?? They were celebrating happy lions???? Beans!

Anyway, there were only two jobbies to apply for this weekend. Mama is not liking that!

Remember to say purrayers for all the puddies and beans who need us to remember them....

Oh, and say hello to Vessa. She is Ullrich's sisfur and has her own bloggie now. She is the Furry Fury http://furryfury.blogspot.com. Guys, she is very purrty (we ladies are always purrty, like you guys are always hansome).

June 24, 2006

Saturday Storms

It is a dark and stormy afternoon. Haven't heard the thunderboomies yet, though. Mama has not been doing so good today. But I'm trying hard!

There are many of your beans out there that need a lot of help right now. So, puddies, we have to work together. Purrayers, purrs and headbutts to everybean who is sick or out of work (like mama).

I hope it thunderboomies. Mama likes those.


June 22, 2006

Job Interview

Mama had her interview this morning. She said she hopes she did well. It was beautiful out today. Mr. Squirel and Chitterer were out this morning, and the birds have been singing, and I sat in the window this afternoon for most of the afternoon watching them. When I wasn't napping.

Mama said she walked around downtown after her interview and before she went to Target to buy some groceries. She had a Target gift card. It was Farmers Market day downtown, she said. Lots of people out and about. And she said something about a lot of good looking men....

She will hear by next Wednesday if she gotted the job. Oh I hope so! What do I do when we don't have any kitty food? Like crunchies and stinky goodness???? Mama said we have enough for awhile, and not to worry.


June 21, 2006

Another Wednesday

It rained some, but no thunderboomies! Mama loooves thunderstorms, and she was dissapointed. We have been at home keeping each other company. And right now I am helping her on the computer. Guess what!!! She has an interview tomorrow morning!!!! Yeah, Mama!

I hope maybe they want her. It's at a big bank, and she says they have subssi-subsid oh, they help pay for bus passes. Which is good for mama.

Anyway, I love having her at home, although I wish she had a job so she would not worry about stuff like kitty and bean food and bills and medicine.

I am going to catch up on my reading. Hope efurry body is safe out there!

June 20, 2006

Stormy weather, coming this way?

Well, they say this afternoon there might be storms. So here we are, safe at home. Something to be said for having my mama at home. Although she is verrry sad. She tries every day to apply for something.

Anyway, it is cooler today, and Mr. Squirrel and his chitterer pal have been making the rounds out back. Lots of nappies for me. Right now the sun's out, but that they say will change.

Mama had a crab cake this morning. Doesn't appeal to me. Is there hamm for lunch maybe???

OHHH! Don't forget to say hi to Little Nemo! He's a new kitty (Moses let everyone know about him) that looks like a little Moses! Use my linkie on the side and visit!

June 18, 2006

Sorry I have been gone

Mama had her last day. They gave her a cake at the meeting, and served lemonade. Which she said was kind of mean, cause she is a diabetic, and she tries hard not to eat that much sweet stuff, but she said it was the thought that was nice.

She said good bye to everyone, and decided to go to a nice coffeeshop and read and have something cool to drink before she went home, as a treat on a bad day.

She has not gotten the job she wanted, and has not received an offer of an interview even, with any of the others.

We are scared. I am trying to help. I love my mama, but I can only do so much...

Love to all, Brandi

Oh, PS. I am really sorry I did'nt get to go to the cat olympics. I hope efurryone had a good time and I was thinking about you all. But mama needed me. Concatulations to efurryone who participated!!

June 12, 2006


Hope everyone has remembered the purrayer vigil for Edsel's mom!

Mama met the new lady this morning. She is very very young and right out of school. Mama says she won't last. She doesn't have the maturity to handle the job. Maybe the brains, but not the maturity and warmth my mama has!

Still wiped out from Oreo's wonderful party. The hamm and the tuna water were absolutley wonderful, and it was a lot of fun seeing efurry body on the trampoline (I did'nt try it) and I talked to Trixie a while, and I watched the water antics, too. The nap piles were warm and cuddly, too. And Indypindy was very snuggly!

Nappies and purrayers today!

Gotta purray for Edsels mom's surgury and I have to keep trying to get my mama a job! Let's get these jobs done, puddies!

June 11, 2006

Thank you to Oreo

I want to thank Oreo for the great party. We have been having problems with our dial up service being reaaaaallly slow this weekend, so I never got to post on Oreo's blog, but I was at the party several times checking in. I had to check in on mama a lot this weekend, and I guess I was kind of quiet at the party, but I did enjoy the hamm and the tuna water and all the nice kitties, and Oreo's mama is very pretty and nice.

Mama moved her stuff out of her office Saturday, so there is a lot of stuff here at home now!

She has to meet the new person Monday who gotted the new job at her office. They are also making her go to the first part of the meeting on Wednesday, so they can say goodbye, but after that I think she can leave.

Once again, Oreo's party was sooo nice. I need my nappies just to recover from all that teleporting!

June 9, 2006

It's Friday!!!

What time's the party?? I am ready!! Happy Birfdays and gotcha days!!

Mama wented to her interview yesterday morning, and gotted home late. She said it was ok, but they won't decide until the 26th. So she's still applying everywhere. We don't have any money again. And, that is very scarey, I can tell you, puddies out there. We've been there!

Mama is having a friend help her move most of her stuff out of her office tomorrow. I think she will be crying again about it, so I will definitely need to spread myself around, from the party to mama and back again.

It is soo cool today. I'm loving it! Rain is coming and that nice fresh after rain smell will come. Yaaah! It's been too hot!

June 7, 2006

And another Wednesday

Nice this morning! Mr. Squirrel has been around with his little chitterer, and birdies, too. I hear there are a lot of pigeons in the front today. Apparently they all lined up on one of the little balconies on second floor and stared inside at the beans. Well, beans birdwatch, so birdies can beanwatch!

Mama will be late coming home today, cause she's giving her blood away. So I will be extra nice to her. She says its only a little blood, and other people who need it cause of accidents and stuff will get some. Told you mama was nice!

She will come home late tomorrow cause of her interview. Cross your paws, efurry one!

Lots of nice napping today, and birdie watching, and then mama comes home!

Still think its mean the way they are treating her at work. No lunch, no nothing, and she has to go to a meeting her last day.

Well, I don't think they deserve HER.

Dis someone say cupcakes?? Chocolate, carrot, or allspice??? :-P

June 6, 2006

Lazy Days

It's summer. We have no air blowy conditioner. We have fans. I make mama leave the fans on, so I have one in the bedroom and two in the living room. She has another one to put together, but so far she's being lazy. It's still in the box.

She wasn't feeling well yesterday, so she called in sickie. I stayed by her but she was really warm, and hurty all over. I gave her licks so she would cool off.

Today she is at work.

Next Wednesday is her last day. She said no one is doing anything for it. She doesn't get a party or lunch or anything. She has to go to a meeting!

Tomorrow she's giving her blood away (???????). Doesn't she need it?

This Thursday she has an interview. I hope she does ok and they like her. She's a nice mama! She works very hard!

This weekend one of her friends is helping her move stuff out of her office.

She says everyone is sad about her leaving that she talks to. So is she! Give her a lunch!! Give her prezzies. They really are mean!

I will stay by her that night. I will give her kissies and plenty of headbutts. She is going to be sad.

Joy to everyone. I am going to go check out some blogs and eat a little and take a nap till mama gets home.

June 4, 2006

Weekend notes

Well, the weekend is almost gone. Mama went out Friday after work to shop with one of her friends, but other than that, we have been home together. She did the laundry early this morning and has been job searching. I have been sleeping most of the day. Nap time cause it's hot. Mama doesn't have air conditioning any more, so we spend time in front of the fans. Anyway, lots of cuddle time, naps and scritchies.