October 31, 2011


This means I get a whole BAG of Denties???
Trick or Treat!
(Watch it, I'm real good at hairballs)

October 29, 2011

October 27, 2011


Forgive us for not updating our blog.  Notice I said our.  I'm trying to be nice to mama so she will blog more.  She has just been busy. Or so she says.
It's kinda hard to come up with new stuff sometimes, cause when you are a senior cat you spend more time sleeping and eating and not much time playing. So most of my time that's what I am doing. Oh, that and begging for more Denties.  Which I get away with a lot more than I used to.  Mama still tries to get mushie with me and I still tolerate  it for a few short minutes. If I do, I figure she owes me Denties. 
We have had no new pictures of my cute self cause mama's camera broked.  Which I am sometimes glad of, and sometimes sad.  It's on our wish list. Once in a while mama will sneak in an old one. How's that?
There are so many kitty blogs now, did you notice?  It used to be a mere hundred or so, now it has grown to lots more than that.  I even have a whole page of blogging friends. And sadly, more of my old friends that I started out blogging because of are over the Bridge. And I am getting old.
I guess this is the way us really senior cats think.
Anyway, it is much colder now, and the windows have remained closed. This morning it has been in the 30's! Today mama volunteers at the food bank, and tonight is movie  night in the community room. She has been asking for a scary movie to show, since Halloween is just around the corner, but no one has come forward. So she is showing a romantic comedy tonight. At least no one will have nightmares!
More sunbeams to curl up in this morning! Gotta go warm these old bones. Did someone offer hamm pizza?? Or was I dreaming?? Enter picture:


October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday

My sweetie's mommy's birthday is today.  So go and wish her a happy birthday! And many many more!

October 10, 2011

Monday, Monday

Lots of people have today off cause it's a holiday in the States.  It's called Columbus Day.  Columbus was supposed to have found the country in 1492 and claimed it for Italy.  Only there were already beans here when he camed, so it wasn't really losted. And mama said since there were other beans who camed here before him, he really didn't find a new country.  It was already here.  But beans still celebrate the day. And Italy doesn't own us.
A nother silly bean thing.
My friend Tracie was here today!  She brought mama a new chair for the puter and tooked our old one away.  It's pretty.  It has a high back and it's the color of....ME.
The windows are still open, but it is looking kind of gloomy out today. It won't be long before they will be closed for the winter. *pout*  Only thing good about winter around here is the sunbeams that come.  But they don't come as strong or as long. *pout*
Better enjoy the windows open as much as possible right now!  Breathe in, breathe in.  Wait.  I gotta breathe out, too.  Rats. Can't save the nice fresh air!
 ps. we are so happy Beau is settling down in his new furrever home.

October 6, 2011

Beautiful Indian Summer

Ahhh.  The windows have been open for days.  It is soooo nice out, and of course I love the nice smells from the neighborhood. We broke some record yesterday, cause it was like 88 degrees F out! Yesterday was soo nice. The day before was soo nice.  Tomorrow will be soo nice. Sunbeams EVERY MORNING! You must know how nice that feels on these old bones of mine.
Mama made a tuna casserole and I got some of the tuna and all the tuna juice and some of the mushroom soup she used. Score!
Tonight is movie night, so that will get me a couple of good naps before mama's home to bug love me to pieces and feed me Denties.
She is showing Avatar.
I am making plans to dream about my Sugar Pie....

October 3, 2011

Sunny Day

Yesterday was kind of fun.  Tracie was here in the morning (she helped put the old tv in the recycling--it must have weighed twenty-eleben of me), and she said someone was serving barbeque downstairs. Well, mama had to go check it out with her, and it turned out to be one of our neighbors! For some green papers you could get all sorts of barbeque stuff (it was too spicy for my mouth--except the brat), and potato salad and some mac and cheese. Mama shared the potato salad and the mac and cheese and the brat (yummy!) It was good stuff.  Mama said the barbeque was really spicy and good.  So I let her eat that. They both bought something.  Only mama shared though.
Miracle of miracles, mama finally saw Eastenders! We are not as up to date as you lovely Brits are, Eastenders runs a couple of years behind you. So she missed two weeks of episodes. But she has it back!
And Law and Order UK. We don't know how far back we are in that, but I didn't like their getting rid of so much of the cast.  I miss one of the prosecuters. And I liked Matty, and they just killed him off.  At least Ronny is still there.  Matty was owned by a cat, so that made him kind of alright in my book.
Yesterday they ran the Twin Cities Marathon, and an 83 year old lady bean was in it!  She didn't start running until she was in her 50's! We definitely admire her spunk!
And today is full of sunbeams. 
We are blessed!

October 2, 2011