September 30, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Hi. This is a picture of my Sugar Pie, Mr. Hendrix. He had his first year blogiversary a couple of days ago. I am sorry I haven't commented about it. But I decided I needed to meow up about it. My sweetie is a gorgeous rescuded kitty (like me), who has a wonderful mama and daddy and a good home. He is courageous and sweet, kind and understanding and furocious (mama, how do you spell that?), and has become a great reporter for the Cat Blogosphere.

I am so honored to be his girlfriendcat.
Catch him on his own blog or at the Cat Blogosphere.


September 27, 2007

Thursday News

Well, the storm was short lived yesterday, but it still was better to be safe in the bathroom (finishing up the tuna Wiska's pouch). And today, I found out how GOOD the Nip Ravioli is. Mama gave me one (thank you, KC).

That's it. Lovely fall day. Nip dreams.... Cuddling with mama... Sending smooches to my sweetie... Sunshine....


PS. I wanted to say happy birthday to Mu Shu but puter didn't let me:(
Hope he had a wonderful day!

September 26, 2007


My mama came back from the liberry today with some new books and not one but TWO packages for ME!! How cool is that?

Thank you KC, and thank you Parker!! Toys (already played with the feather toys) and foodies ( I already had the Wiskas tuna pouch), and catnip and even stuff for my mama.

It is starting to storm again, so mama said it's time to turn off the computer. I am heading for the bathroom again (and finish licking my Wiskas out of the bowl).

Thank you again, you sweet ladies!


September 25, 2007

Checking In

Mama had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon. Her clinic is still in our old neighborhood, with all the cool old buildings and flowers and stuff. It was really hot and muggy. She left the a/c on for me.

On the way home she decided to pick up some groceries. It was supposed to storm, but it hadn't yet, and one grocery store is 10 minutes away by bus, on our busline. So she did her shopping, and when she left, the rain was just starting. In ten minutes it was really coming down, and I mean really hard. From the bus to our building is not that far, but she was soaked. So after she put the groceries mostly away, she had to get out of all those soaked clothes. Then my smart mama was rapped up in her favorite flannel robe, eating dinner, and then drinking hot cocoa. And, then, of course, cuddling me. And the a/c was off.

Today is kinda gray, and cooler. Lots of naps. One window is open a little bit for fresh air. And it's 55 degrees out! And, oh, yes. There is room on the rocking chair for ::blush:: my sweetie.

love to all, of course,

September 23, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Mama had to open the blinds and push them away cause with the windows open and the wind going crazy, the blinds were flying and making a lot of noise in here. She also got a couple of new pictures (and, yes, one was submitted to the Calendar!). But here are two others that she took, including one of my friend Fraxie (at last). She sits looking over my cat lounger most days.....

and she's my bestest friend. Mine is sort of in shadow, but that's cause of the sun from the window.

Hope your weekend has been good. I hear we are in for storms again. And right now fall has started and it's 84 degrees out. Doesn't smell like fall or feel like it.

Love, and hi to my Sugar Pie, the dashing reporter! Oh, yah, that's Mr. Hendrix to all of you,

September 21, 2007

Friday Update

Well, gee. Last night we had a really bad storm. It was booming and flashing and raining real hard. Mama said she was very proud of me, cause I went right to the safest room (the bathroom) until she brought me out when it was over. Well, with a room with my foodies and my water and my litter box and a nice rug to lay on, doesn't that make sense? Duh!

The picture of Fraxie has her face all washed out, so mama will try to capture her again. But mama has some nice pictures of me. This one is my favorite.

or maybe this one

or even this one, which is my rocking chair picture

You decide!

Have a good Friday night!

Love, and of course a smoochie for my sweetie,


September 20, 2007

Thursday Stuff

Well, I got asked how I became brandi. Well, that was simple. It's my name! You see, when I picked my mama out (Yes, I did. She walked by me several times at the adoption place at the Petco and I talked to her each time, saying "pick me, pick me" and she finally did) and she brought me home, she and a couple of her friends sat on the floor with me and tried to think up a name for me. One of the lady beans ( her name was Robin, by the way, and she is a nice lady and now has a nice woofie named Maggie) said my name and I went over to her and purred. Mama said my name and I went over to her. So she decided that was my name. Well it was, duh. So that's how I became brandi. I always was.
We had our foomigation and it wasn't bad. I sat on my wicker basket and the nice man came in and was done in a tiny bit of time. We found out one of the neighbors has buggies. Yuck.

Tiger Lilly gave me a Nice award. I am sooo honored. Thank you! You are nice, too!
Later today I will have more pictures, I think. Oh, and Fraxie (my Squillion friend) has finally allowed a picture to be taken.

Love to all, and a smooch for my Sugar Pie,


September 18, 2007

Tuesday Update

Mama has been cleaning all day. Well, not really. But almost. She rearranged the kitchen closet, the bedroom closet, did dishes, finished puting the bathroom cabinet up and stocked it, and swept and washed floors. And that means not the Swiffer, but a real mop and bucket of water. Whew.

It really smells like Mr. Clean in here. The orange smelling kind.

We don't have mousies here, and mama and I haven't seen any buggies in a couple of days. But it is nice of them to foomagate so we don't have problems.

Mama tried to put her CD player together again, but no sound comes out of the speakers, so she must have done it wrong. She will continue to work on it. We need pretty music.

If the foomagaters come and I need to leave, mama will have my harness and lead ready. If they come early enough, she is going to the library afterwards.

That's the update for today. Stay safe, all.

Love, and headbumpies for my hunky reporter boyfriendcat,

September 17, 2007

Monday Meows

Well, mama wented away today to do her Woman's Group, and they went on a picnic. It wasn't very nice out this morning, but as the day wore on the clouds disappeared and they had a very nice time. So I am happy for her. I got to look at my sweetie's picture and dream....

Tomorrow mama has to do some cleaning and finish the bathroom cabinet that one of her sisters gotted for her (she has had help putting most of it together). Then on Wednesday they are going to foomagate here. What ever that is. They kill buggies, I think. And mousies (and I don't like real mousies). Mama is going to be here to protect me from the foomagaters so they don't get me! We never had any foomagaters at our last place. Course, we never had many buggies there, but we sure had mousies! And they never did anything about them. They even ate some of my organic litter! And a whole bag of my crunchies! They really take care of us here!

We had the windows open today, but it gotted muggy, so mama closed them and put on the air. I am really getting spoiled, huh?

Love, and a bunch of nosebumpies for my sweetie,

September 15, 2007

Saturday Stuff

We hung out today. Mama finished reading a book. The sun was out. I took lots of naps. Yesterday mama's sisters came to see us, and I didn't run away and hide. I just sat on my wicker basket in the sun. One of my mama's sisters has a woofie, and I could tell. But that just means she likes animals, right? She did say hi to me a couple of times. And they brought a bath rug for us, and that means I get to have warm toesies when I eat and drink!

Hope your weekend is as nice.

Love, and headbumpies (especially for my Sugar Pie),

September 12, 2007

She got me

Okay, she got me. Here I am.

Wonderful Wednesday

Today mama opened the windows again, and I got to smell the fresh air. Sure is cooler out, now. In the 60's!. It actually got really warm in here this morning with the sun shining in. Mama wants me to pose on the couch or the bed or something, and every time she gets the camera out, I sit in the rocking chair and hide my face. Hmmph.

It is nice not having the a/c on. A lot quieter. And the fresh air is really cool. We are on the 16th floor, so we hear the street sounds, but don't get the yucky fumes from the cars.

We did a few moments of silence yesterday for the memory of all who lost their lives on 9/11/2001. I hope you all did too.

love, and bunches of smooches for my Sugar Pie,

September 9, 2007

Well, we still have a parking lot out back and down below, but it sure is far enough so that I don't get all the fumes anymore! Actually get fresh air and the morning sun! Mama had the window open again today, and it was cool out again.

Mama worked really hard on the living room today, and it sure is looking better. But there are still boxes in the bedroom....

We never got an apology letter from management. Just a bill for the next month (September). We still have our little frigermater and freezer, but we aren't using them. So mama is storing a few things in them (smart mama), and put a cream color shawl over the top of the frigermater. Pretty.

Tomorrow mama is going to the community center for her women's group. She hasn't gotten to go for a while. So I get the place to myself for the afternoon.

Hope you all have a good week. Blessings on all.


September 8, 2007

Saturday Stuff

Just a reminder of the view out of our windows. Mama had windows open today, and a cool breeze came through and all sorts of smells. But it is a lonnnng way down. We used to live on the first floor, now we are waayy up. If I clawed through the screen (yes, I did that once in our old place) I would really fall! Guess I won't try that any time soon! Oh, and the middle place in the upper part of the picture that is still ground is a shopping center that has a petfood store. Oh, yeah, and a Target and a peoplefood store.

I love the smells out there. Different from where we used to live.

Mama's friend Pat came over today again and I think I like her. Mama made a tuna salad for their lunch, and Pat fed me some of the tuna. Yummm. I also gotted the tuna juice from the tuna can. That was from mama.

Mama will do some pictures soon.

Well, that's todays stuff.

Love, and bunches of headbumpies to my sweetie,

September 7, 2007

Friday News

Mama did the interview yesterday, and thought she did well. She won't know for a couple of weeks, and the job wouldn't start till the end of October. She ran a lot of other errands yesterday downtown, too, so she was gone just for hours! She said that one of the things was changing the address on her driver's license. We don't have a car, though. But she has driven a friend's car a couple of times when the friend was sickie, and I guess a license comes in handy.

It rained last night and we had lots of lightening and stuff, but it is cooler today, and nice out. I wish mama had the money for a hamm pizza, but she does have some lunch hamm, and shared for lunch today, so I do get a little hamm.

When we gotted the hamm pizza, she gave all the hamm to me, and I left her the bready part. Maybe someday. We had lots of bills from moving, like hook ups for the phone and the deposit and part of the movers (we had help with some of that), and stuff, so mama doesn't have much moneys. But I do have lots of food and stuff, so it's okay.

I think she misses going out for her coffee. She can't afford it. And she has been soo busy that she hasn't had time to go to the community center, and she still has to pick up her new liberry card.

She thinks the liberry is nice in this part of the city. And the city liberry is on our bus route, too. And she said that is awsome.

Hope all have a safe and beautiful weekend.

Love to all and bunches of snuggles for my sweetie (you can come over any time and snuggle on the rocking chair with me),


September 5, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

Well, mama took today off. She hasn't done any cleaning or movin stuff around. She even took a nappie this afternoon (cause she had a headache). The only thing she has done is put a throw over the back of the couch, and decided her old table cloth doesn't fit in in this partment. Oh, and she went downstairs and got some stamps from the mail truck. But other than that, we just hung out. And mama shared her breakfast AND her lunch with me!

Mama wants me to explain my bureau. It is a plastic one with three drawers that mama bought a long time ago. It is called a "Rolling Cart" or "Chest" or something. I just think it's cool. And it's next to my wicker basket. She decided I could have it.

Since the couch is in the living room now, the rocking chair is in the bedroom, and I like sleeping there and hanging out there. Course, I come and check on mama once in a while and get scritchies. And I insisted she turned on the puter and let me blog. But the rocking chair is close to the bathroom, now, and that is where my foodies are and my water and my literbox. Talk about the Easy Life! And we have air conditioning now, so it is supposed to be very muggy today, but it is nice in here.

Mama has a jobbie interview tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing okay,
and love to my Sugar Pie,

September 3, 2007

Labor Day Check In

We have left the tribute up for most of the weekend. This was not only to honor those who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge (which we most heartfully wanted to do), but because we have been very busy here. Mama has done a lot of work on the partment so that when the furniture arrives we will be basically mostly "home". And that's tomorrow! She has put away most of the dishes and pots and pans and clothes and books, and do you know what? She gave me a bureau of my own! For my toys and my food and my blankies! I am so special! And the wicker basket thingy has stayed by the window for me to catch the morning sun!

Her friend has come over to help her a little, and I have been hiding. I keep thinking she is going to pack us up again and we will have to start over. But yesterday, when she helped put my bureau together, I kinda had second thoughts. She talks really soft to me, and yesterday I let her give me scritchies, and even stayed and watched her, and checked out mama and the rest of the partment. Hmmm. Not bad.

That's the news. Hope you all stay safe!

Love, and bunches of nosebumpies for that special reporter, my Sugar Pie!
p.s. Mama gaved me lobster this morning! And an extra mousie to play with! I losted it though.
She says she hasn't had any lobster for forever. Wow is she missing good stuff!